Discussion: Stewart Rips GOP Hypocrisy On Climate Change, Bergdahl Swap (VIDEO)

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Hypocrisy is normal for the GOP, Jon. Why be surprised?

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He’s not surprised at all. He knows full well that Republicans are lyin’ scum. He knows that the Republican Party is home to most racists, homophobes, vaginal-probers, science-deniers, unbelievable hypocrites, phony Christians who hate the poor and sick and elderly, and other low-life thugs, all in the good service of their wealthy masters.

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Excellent description of description Ollie North!


Classic Stewart. Rachel Maddow also had a beautiful insight into what she called the Repub 3-step: Step 1, slam Obama for not doing something; Step 2, Obama does it; Step 3, slam Obama for doing it.

She pointed to McCain (natch), who strongly criticized Obama for not taking a strong enough position on the Ukraine, arguing that we should target particular Russian bank accounts and boot Russia from the G-8. When Obama did that a few weeks later, McCain was all over the talk shows criticizing those moves as totally weak.

She also noted that in February, McCain was on Anderson Cooper criticizing Obama for thinking of releasing the Taliban 5 from Gitmo as an incentive for the Taliban to start peace discussions. McCain thought any deal had to get something in return, and he suggested that if the Taliban released Bergdahl, that would be a deal he could accept. Until Sunday, of course, when he called the swap “totally unacceptable”.



Amazing that Fakes News got a hold of Ollie North. His reputation for honesty has him much in demand these days.

On the one hand Republicans are despicable hypocrites that are politicizing the release of an American POW, but on the other hand the White House handled the release of information messily…

Keep f’ing that chicken Stewart!

Economics is a science. That is all.

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Game, set and match to Mr. Stewart.

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It is a reflex with them. They truly can’t control it. Obama should have gone on national TV with a prime time appeal for Americans to “burn more coal”.

I love that guy. Too bad it’s all a schtick for him like it is for Rush, because I would be so all over him.

It all comes down to conservatives flunking Compassion 101.