Discussion: Stewart Needles Hillary Clinton And State Department On Email-Gate (VIDEO)

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“Email-Gate.” “[T]he news that Hillary Clinton may have violated federal regulations by using a personal email account while serving as secretary of state.”

Good grief – you know, it’s bad enough that we have to see and read the mainstream media jump the gun with knee-jerk reactions to one non-scandal after another fabricated by the right, only to find that the real story, complete with, you know, actual facts and context, comes trickling out over the next day or two, completely undermining the original claims, but do liberal and progressive commentators have to join in and breathlessly repeat the same “controversial” language, thereby assisting in the creation of an otherwise non-existent scandal? There is no “email-gate” and there are no “violations of the law.” So can we please stop carrying the GOP’s water for them and just report the facts of the matter minus all the hyperbole and hysterical, click-bait “scandal” language?

It’s all poliltics. If Hillary was a Republican Sec of State in a Republican administration…what would our reaction be?

But we make excuses for her since she is a Democrat.

As in 2008…she is inevitable. Don’t rock the boat. Any criticism of her is blasphemy or worse. Far be it for the Democratic Party to keep their options open for 2016.

So, if we ignore problems until a nominee is already nominated, and then we find out more and more stuff in October 2016…what then?

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Sorry Hillary your not ready for prime time. Being a democrat that’s hard to say, but, I want more of a choice in candidates.

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We already know, because Colin Powell did exactly the same thing. The reaction has been nothing.

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You have that backwards, ollie – what you clearly mean is that you are predisposed to dislike Hillary, so you immediately latch on to any excuse, no matter how tenuous or transparently politically motivated, to justify that dislike.

Exactly. Well put.

I don’t dislike her. You are presumptuous in the extreme!

It wasn’t against the rules until 3 years AFTER Colin Powell was in office.

Apples, meet Oranges!

My question is whether…given the fact that currently it is policy to use the us email sites…and we saw a republican breaking the rules, being non-transparent, and possibly making sensitive information easier to hack…what would our reaction be?

This is like a coronation. Of course the emperor can’t be naked…and if you ;point it out, you are hated.

This is what the Democratic Party has come to?

Did you watch the John Stewart piece? he said a lot more negative to hillary than I ever did…is he predisposed to dislike hillary, yadayada?

Oh good grief…it wasn’t against the rules until two years after Clinton left office. There are people saying it might be a violation of the Official Records Act of 1950 if she didn’t turn over all the official-related emails - because if they’re not on a government server there’s no way to know if some were withheld or deleted - but that likewise applies equally well to all her predecessors.

regardless, her predecessors aren’t running for president in 2016.

I’m not saying she broke the law. But it was a stunning lapse of judgement. Especially since she was gonna run for president.

There are a lot of employers who require employees to use company emails for security reasons…for example banks…

An employee who didn’t follow this would be fired. Couldn’t say “well, it wasn’t against the law” “somebody else did it several years ago and nobody cared”. Excuses won’t cut it.

This issue may well blow over…for now. Reps will NO DOUBT bring it back in October 2016. This hurts Hillary in two ways. At best, it shows a lack of transparency. Worst case is if it turns out that Hillary had put some sensitive stuff on these emails and it turns out this could have endangered national security.

So what worries me now is Hillary’s response. She hasn’t said there were no sensitive materials here. She is sending it to State and they will decide what to redact…

If they redact ANYTHING, it will be very difficult if not impossible for Hillary to argue that she did not use the private email for secret and sensitive information. Checkmate!