Discussion: Stephen Colbert Thanks Antonin Scalia For 'Moment Of Human Contact' (VIDEO)

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Oh man, only Colbert can salute you and flip you off at the same time. Funny guy


It wasn’t well received?!

I frickin’ loved it!


Only Colbert!


“It wasn’t well received by the conservatives in the audience, but was roundly applauded and was viewed on YouTube millions of times by liberals in America.” There, fixed it for you.


Scalia was the juridical bogeyman of my adult life, but from most accounts I’ve read he was delightful one-on-one. As a female Times columnist (I can’t remember if it was Anna Quindlen, or Gail Collins, or MoDo) observed years ago, “Everybody loves Nino.”


Wow, no one else in the room even spoke to Stephen. Bush flunkies I can understand but Democrats present? And, the alleged journalists??? Amazing. Maybe kindness is why Scalia’s hit team decided to smother him while sleeping rather than while awake?

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Well, let’s fix the quote in the article so that it’s accurate and makes sense: Don’t you make me love you, old man. Your “you” and “me” are reversed.

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Scalia himself seemed like a friendly guy, a brilliant jurist and a formidable foe. Colbert captured that. A true class act.


It’s rather like a waitress telling a story about how Stalin was a big tipper.


A formidable foe of equality, justice, and the right to vote, but yeah, sure.


Justice Ginsburg was great friends with Nino. They shared a love of opera, she appreciated his intelligence and his love of the English language, they dined together and spent New Year’s Eve together. He might have had a charming side but he never let it show in public.


I hate to puncture the mood, but history has produced its share of gregarious monsters and when they reach room temperature the world is a better place. Sorry, but Scalia’s last outburst about how black students are better suited at inferior institutions was just one example of the kind of structural racism he worked so hard to reinforce into our society. He was a thoroughly unsound individual in spite of his table manners.


I was writing as your post came up, littlegirl, and did not mean that your reflection was not appropriate- it was a coincidence that I used ‘table manners’ as you reflected on dinners together. :smile:

Great stuff, and Colbert killed at the correspondent’s dinner.
Don’t miss the Hillary segment in the companion video “Bernie Sandwiches”

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He aced spaghetti twirling and didn’t eat pizza with plastic utensils…

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I usually agree with you on every signifcant point. I hate all that Bush represents, for sure. Still I thought this was overkill, right to the idiot’s face, on and on and on. I was cringing…

btw, JEBYA! must be stopped, beyond question!!

Oooooh, that was cold!!!

Ha-ha! :slight_smile:

I think we all need to give some credit to the “Notorious RBG.” She found something in the curmudeonly scold, good for her!!


The audience at the dinner was terrified of chimpy and the boyfriend killer who stared daggers at anyone who laughed at Colbert’s brilliant takedowns.

Repigs are so stupid they actually thought Colbert was one of them…until the backwash joke…