Discussion: State Dept. Can't Confirm Whether Any Americans Were On Malaysian Plane

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Why is it no one in this administration knows anything until it comes out in the media? I want my money back.

MSNBC says 23 Americans were possibly on board. If a Republican was President we’d be attacking Venezuela by tomorrow morning.


Your concern is noted.


Chicken Kiev would be renamed Freedom Chicken on the menu of the House restaurant.


I think you have your mouse ears on too tight.


Of course, Kiev is Ukraine :smile:

Su falta de interés también se observó.

No me importa lo que pienses, pero ya lo ha dicho, yo creo que su cabeza es demasiado fara de su parte posterior.

Escribiendo en español no impresiona a nadie.

I have the answer. You see Pres Obama’s admin waits until they have the full story before they take to the air like many do in media today to speculate, guess, blame, etc… based on Twitter comments. I watched this pres conf and was impressed this spokesperson Jen Paski did not let the media bully her into making statements that may have to be walked back in a few hours. Gov is not media. Gov deals in facts not innuendo. How would the US Gov have the flight list for this this flight? How can they confirm before even the airlines themselves who was actually on the flight. If you want to be governed by journalist, vote for Chuck Todd or Megayn Kelly in 2016…


Where did MSNBC get that information? As for the rest of your comment, I agree if there was GOP in WH we would be at war.

Che Guevara wearing mouse ears creature doesn’t care about logical discourse, but it sure can do slash and burn very well. Best not to feed it with your helping of sane.


The Minister of War and Misinformation McC says it’s a game changer and the Minister of Languid Chambliss says his committee’s looking into it. See you Sunday when you expound to D. Gregory. Or Steph, or Wallace

President McGraham will be there to demand a declaration of war on someone or other.


NPR suggested 25 over an hour ago.