Discussion: 'Spider-Man' Slugs Officer In Times Square (VIDEO)

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Spidie NO!!!

That was no cop. That was Spider-man’s arch enemy Chameleon who’s disguise can take any form.
Spider-man would never hit a real cop

bet after the cops got ru with him more than just his spidey sence was tinglin…

But mommy, I thought Spiderman was a good guy! Why is he fighting the police?

When I worked Manhattan a few years back, I never saw anyone slug a cop, but I saw some number of men taken away in handcuffs over some trivial order by by a cop to, say, not to block a doorway. The offender could have avoided jail just by moving out of the doorway or stop his panhandling, but by George he knew his rights and refused repeated requests. Next thing he’s in cuffs off to the jug – and probably some kind of beating, too.
I saw it often enough to conclude it must be some form of hard-wired, self-destructive behavior.

People mess with cops, but it never works out. Cops really, really hate being messed with. Goes with the territory.