Discussion: Soap Star At Center Of Leaked Trump Tape Says Comments Didn't Surprise Her (VIDEO)

"I'm ready to use it in a proper way," she added. "I'm ready to use it for positivity. I'm ready to use it for women to step forward and to do good things in my life and for other people."

Errr, huh? Did this make sense to anyone?

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"Not with that type of personality," she said. "I wasn't shocked. Which is probably why it doesn't mean a lot to me." (Arianne Zucker)

Now that was a cut-down, HO -- she cut you pretty low there, dude ... and rightly so. You and your kind mean nothing to her, HO -- nothing.


It did to me. The woman knows she's a glorified sex worker, as her sheer, bra and panty-less 2005 Trump tape costume attests, in a business that usually trumpets the status quo. She's saying she is all for using that image and treatment of her on camera character for the betterment of fellow actors and people moving forward. I applaud her.

Looks like the wrong video is linked in this story--it shows something about sports teams and the national anthem?!

Color me confused...I can't really tell what you're trying to say, and even in my confusion, I'm not sure that I like the way you describe her...

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Your confusion isn't my problem. I wish you luck.

What attitude is that?

Arianne Zucker, a member of the "Days of our Lives" cast, told "Today" correspondent Janet Shamlian that when she first heard Trump's comments she was offended not only for herself, but for women in general.

In '05, she was just three years into her marriage

Mkay, not taking the bait. I phrased my original response to you hoping that you would help clarify what you meant, since it was possible I was misinterpreting it, but you responded rudely and dismissively.


You're confused, but not alone. Even after reading the back and forth banter, I can't figure it out. Didn't sound like positivity, though. :smile:

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The only people surprised at these comments are not paying attention or lying.

There are "victims" who will always continue to be overwhelmed by what happened because they learn nothing from their experience except to be afraid. Understandable, but problematic for them.

There are "survivors" who learn enough about their experience to understand that it said more about their abuser than about them, enabling them to move on in a more positive fashion with their lives.

There are "thrivers," who understand their experience well enough to use its lessons to become someone stronger and more positive than they could perhaps ever have become if they hadn't had that experience.

I suspect that Ms Zucker is somewhere between "survivor" and "thriver."

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Yep. It makes perfect sense. It means:

"This is a teachable moment. Right now, we have a man on the biggest, most public stage in the world, and he has said and done terrible things. These are things the vast majority of Americans of every race, creed, color, and political affiliation have reacted to with public revulsion and outrage. And now we can look to our young men and our boys and say 'do you see? Do you see how this sort of behavior, how this way of thinking, hurts women? How it demeans and insults them, and lessens you, makes you the subject of ridicule and derision? Is that who you want to be? Do you want to be the kind of man people go to great lengths to step away from?'

We can look to our young women and say 'look at the men who are standing with you, who are not like this, who condemn this vile filth for the criminal offense that it is. No, men are not perfect, and some of them are exactly this kind of terrible, intolerable scum. But not all. And if something like this happens to you, it is not your fault. You did not 'deserve' anything like this, you didn't 'have it coming'. And all of these men in positions of leadership and influence will defend your right to live without this kind of indignity and molestation. Do not be afraid. Do not let this scum make you feel less than you are. When you are wronged, when you are hurt, there are people all around who will help you if you let them.'

We can take this moment, and we can use this moment, and this incident, in a way that helps others avoid experiencing this kind of filth. This is a teachable moment. We have only to be willing to stand up, and take the lessons to heart."

Only, you know, she's an actress, not a writer. :wink:


OMG, I just watched my first soap opera in ages.

Trump and Aile's aren't going to start a network. They're going to make a soap!

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That makes sense. I got the impression from reading her comments that she was being a bit wishy washy, but maybe I judged too harshly.

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Sorry, you brought your own issues.

There are not enough zeros in the world to complete the +10000000000000000etc for this post

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So, to be clear, when you called her a "glorified sex worker" and described her outfit in graphic detail, were you actually trying to commend her, or were you being sarcastic? I really truly can't tell, because it looks like a mixed message to me. I don't think this is an issue particular to me, but I am open to an articulate challenge on that point.

So to be clear, I said what I said.
You have negatively characterized my words while admitting you don't understand what you have read.
Now, you theatrically ask for my help not merely for yourself but for aggrandized, implied others with a passive/aggressive shiv decrying my past remarks as inarticulate. I'll pass, thanks.

My god, what is your problem? You seem to be reading something into my tone that isn't there. I was asking ACTUAL questions. I was trying to understand, but you keep deflecting and insulting me instead of answering in plain English. And I was not implying that other people also have problems with your words--I was challenging your mention of unspecified "issues" I supposedly brought with me. Are you always such a jerk?