Discussion: So Much For Pleading The 5th: Ex- Christie Aide Slams Bridge Indictment

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MOAR popcorn, please!

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I might have a little sympathy for you, Bridget, and I might believe a little of your story, if you hadn’t left a trail of INCRIMINATING E-MAILS, YOU IDIOT FUCK!


It defies logic that Kelly did this without the Governor knowing about it. You have to believe she will provide proof that Christie ordered her to do this.


she could tell the whole truth and make huge bucks on a book, so I don’t really feel badly for her…the truth will set you free


Somebody told her, probably not Christie or we’d hear it by now. Campaign manager Bill Stepien?

Guv,A woman scorned watch out,


"Regardless of the state of her credibility, what’s clear is that Kelly has nothing left to lose in this case. "
But a lot to gain,like 86 years in prison.


Do the crime, pay the fine and serve the time! You and Christie and the rest killed a woman (cardiac arrest emergency) with your politically motivated retribution. Blood is on your hands - next time THINK beyond high school.

Give the DA Christie or say adios and join the “have not’s” whom you know the Republicans love to exploit. Ms. Kelly - what comes round goes round.


Chronic unemployment and an impending home foreclosure. Couldn’t be happening to a more deserving person. May her lot in life continue to implode.


Who would donate to a legal defense fund for someone whose crime was preventing children from getting to school, grownups from getting to work, and EMTs from getting to critically injured people (at least one of whom died)?


Kelly asserted that she … never conspired with David Wildstein … to close lanes for any reason.

So how do you explain your email?

Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.


She said she was being sarcastic and that she was taken aback anyone would take such a suggestion seriously. The “Straight Face Hall of Fame” has commenced work on the Bridget Kelly Wing.


And there is also the fact the case against her is dispositive. That there is a guy willing to rat out what she failed to rat out on herself with those goofy emails and the fact that everyone knows:

She and her buddies did this for political revenge. And lied…lied…lied about it. And is lying now.

That it’s improbable the Governor did not know about it as it was a gift to him. Like I said earlier, you don’t bake the cake, light the candles and seat the guests but keep the birthday boy in the attic. What’s the point in doing this and NOT telling the Gov. ?

That this thing, as Mastro pointed out, is the work of lightweight amateurs. They did not think out the consequences if it were successful: delay of emergency care vehicles, possible road rage incidents and consequences to “hard American workers” for showing up hours late.

She has ZERO chance of making it out of this and her only way to avoid a lengthy prison term…is to rat out Christie. Clip her quotes now and stash 'em on your desktop. Compare to what she is saying in 45 to 60 days. What you will see is a " stupid, weepy, insecure, unqualified, or overwhelmed" political punk.


Anyone else who was involved and wants her to keep her mouth shut.


She’ll be pleading to something. She has to take a defensive posture, make trying and convicting her as expensive and protracted as possible and then agree to a plea so the state can avoid it all. The state extracts something damning about a higher up in return. Yet it would seem the only superior the state needs help with is Christie, and apparently Wildstein, Baroni, Stepien and Samson can get Christie hanged with no help from Kelly.


Considering all the people who’ve lost their homes because they were suckered into subprime mortgages with egregious terms, I can’t muster much sympathy for Kelly and her willful corruption. Even if she’s more pawn than mastermind in all this, I think she needs to find some better way to try to get a jury’s sympathy.


Did Kelly and Wildstein sign up for the same weight-loss program?
Maybe jumping off The Blimp just has that effect.

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She’s had the “I am not a raptor” makeover.

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Time ---- To — Squeeze ! !