Discussion: 'SNL' Imagines What A Trump White House Looks Like (VIDEO)

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Why do people keep giving this fascist asshole free press?


The ultimate Shark Jump–this is what happens when the shark consumes itself tail first. For SNL, it is the End Days that have been predicted by faithful viewers and critics for decades. For political discourse in America, this election has already become a sham of a travesty of a debacle. Trump cares not about what’s left of the dignity or tradition of the office–the only thing that matters is he has the spotlight to himself and will find his way into the Oval Office. His ego is so big that he doesn’t care how stupid he looks, as long as he is getting all the attention.


The skit left me nauseated. I didn’t like McCain or Romney, but the thought of Trump being in the Oval Office makes me physically ill.


Oh, how the mighty America has fallen. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


The SNL crew looked like they lost a bet and had to do this skit.


Just wow…this was freaking horrible. They blew so much smoke up his ass, I am somewhat amazed they could actually run the cameras.


SNL goes dark for this one.

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So, everyone took this skit at face value?

No one saw it as mockery of Trump’s bluster and inflated promises?

Come on folks…the guy will never be president and he allowed a ton of self depreciation in this bit. It was supposed to be funny, it was, often at Trumps expense, and no one is going to vote for the guy because of this bit.

Remember…you may not like it when “the other guys do it” but you have some soul searching to do if you like when your guys do. Yupp…SNL is Liberal turf. But if you expected a Trump take down you were asking for FOX in reverse. Trump’s top news and they mess with top news. They don’t fuck with top news. And they did this thing very well.

Trump isn’t going to be POTUS…( there’s no money in it ) he knows that and so should you.


Let’s hope and vote.

Good assessment. Didn’t watch--------the still photo was enough to warn me off…

I also saw it as self-deprecating humor and a send-up of his bravado and inflated ego…

Had the Donald stuck to a walk on, like Hillary, he might have gotten something out of this. Unfortunately, his crew had a heavy hand in choosing the routines, and it showed. Other than the Drake music video sendup and the cold open, the whole episode was stiff and embarrasing.

SNL has no business validating his behavior by making it worthy of a faithful sendup. They never take on the troublesome aspects of his candidacy, just the superficial ego-driven aspects. For a show like SNL, this comes close to a parenthetical endorsement.


Sure, all that is in there too. But I think that it’s all too close to reality to be a contrasted point of humor. Maybe that was the point–a dry, humorless joke. Another reason for the disconnect here may be that SNL and Trump are both products of New York and Left Coasters and flyover denizens can’t appreciate what was done on that particular level. I thought it was abysmal. But I’ve thought that about many SNL skits.

It just simply wasn’t funny. I don’t have a problem with them doing the skit…free country and all, what’s good for the geese is good for the gander, and so on…It just wasn’t funny. The funniest part was when Ivanka walked in, clearly expected applause, and it was crickets. I laughed at that part.

Maybe she and Dad had a date? After all, it was Saturday night.

I think it was just a poorly written sketch, that Trump’s people were probably all over. I’ll give the SNL writing crew the benefit of the doubt, they probably had much more scathing material written, that was probably struck down. And Trump and his people well knew, that if the SNL writers didn’t comply, they could make a publicity circus about Trump walking off the show because of Lefty bias. That would make him a bigger cult hero with the Tealiban. That’s one of the reasons I was puzzled that SNL did this. They must have known they were going to be held hostage. It was a lose-lose either way…aside from a ratings perspective, I would imagine.

A couple of things…the writing crew are missing golden opportunities during this election. And the Larry David impression is great, but it isn’t Tina Fey’s Palin great. It’s just lacking teeth overall. It’s as though they’re afraid to come off as partisan, and don’t want to offend anyone! YOU’RE SNL! OFFEND! It’s been watered down, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s coming from the top…but I would think Lorne Michaels has ala carte creative control by now, wouldn’t you say?

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Someone once mentioned that Lorne Michael’s politics lean toward the libertarian.