Discussion: Singalong With Martin O'Malley: 'Bad Blood' Edition

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LOL. Well, he doesn’t have a career as a singer, thats for sure!!

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And I thought it was going to be Elton John’s “Bad Blood,” the one that goes “The bitch is in her smile / The lie is on her lips.”

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Well…man’s gotta figure out some way to stay on the debate stage! With Webb gone, and O’Malley/Chafee flatlining, the delicate balance between variety and excluding Larry Lessig at all costs hangs in the balance.

Almost as bad as appearing on FOX.

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Nope…probably still won’t vote for him…even if he’s still in the race when it it gets to my state…what’s the point of all these also rans that never get even close to any real support?