Discussion: Shooting Instructor's Death Shows Risks Of Gun Tourism

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I’m not terribly worried about this incident. I don’t own a gun. Never have. Never will. That fact, by its very nature, means that i am far less likely to ever be shot by my own, or anyone elses gun. Statistically, i will live longer without a gun. News of these types of events, where people just cannot feel safe unless they and everyone else around them have guns are perfect examples of thinning the herd. Let them have their guns and have fun “accidentally” killing themselves. I don’t have that mental disorder. I feel safe within my own means.


First I am saddened for the family of the instructor and the poor girl who will be scared for life because of this senseless loss of life.

It’s time to rethink what is appropriate. Where do you draw the lines? It would seem to me as a parent that perhaps 12 years old might be the lower limit for handling a gun, and then it would be a single shot 22 short. That is the age when the Boy Scouts let you earn the marksmanship merit badge.

The latest NRA tweet on how to find ways for children to have fun on the shooting range is just insane. Guns are serious, guns are unforgiving it is not an appropriate activity for a fun outing.

It’s time to treat guns like vehicles. Age limits on owning and operating and liability insurance for when things go wrong.


At my new Chuck E. Smelter, kids will enjoy playing with huge vats of molten metals! Fun!


“It’s an opportunity that people may not come across again in their lifetime,”

Like what? Accidentally shooting someone and spending the rest of your shattered childhood in therapy? Gee, what could be more fun than that?


I read ‘somewhere’ that A&E’s planning a new reality series…

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The other day I heard some advice that if your kids are having a sleep over, you should check if there are guns in the house. So you can be totally responsible, but that says nothing about what your neighbors are doing. There are even stories of idiots cleaning their guns in an apartment and having the gun shoot through the wall. And those are only accidents. There’s also the issue of “active shooters” at your schools and workplaces. It’s messed up how crazy this country has become.


Answerfrog, agreed, it is a callous thing to say, especially when there are children involved. The comment was directed toward the parents who feel their children simply must learn to fire an Uzzi at age 9. It was intended to be a brutal wakeup call to that mentality.


Jace Zack, chief deputy for the Mohave County Attorney’s Office, said the instructor was probably the most criminally negligent person involved in the [accident] for having allowed the child to hold the gun without enough training.

Stupidity doesn’t happening by accident…there was plenty stupidity to go around in this incident. Zack sounds like a NRA member.


“They see guns as a big part of American culture, and they want to experience American culture.”

If they really want to experience American culture, they should stand there unarmed and let someone else shoot them.


It’s not even ‘learn to fire’ – like this piece says, the Vegas machine gun attractions are marketed more like theme park rides.

And the NRA might say “well, they weren’t certified by us” but it’s already made clear that it wants BB guns in the hands of babies.

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I smell lawsuit. If I were the parents of the child, I’d lawyer up. The county attorney’s office pretty much laid the culpability on the dead instructor who was an employee of the facility. There will be therapy bills and unforeseen consequences. My sister in-law was unfortunate enough to be present at an “accidental” gun death (eight year olds who found the parents gun and decided to play Russian roulette). She was never the same after, and forty years later still deals with it . Maybe this kid will be fine - everyone reacts differently to trauma - but I wouldn’t bet on it.


The thing that gets me is you don’t ever “need” to learn to shoot an Uzi as an adult, unless you are planning a career in some sort of special forces or are in a Mexican drug cartel.


By all accounts from the local reporting, the parents of the child were big gun nuts themselves. So I wouldn’t expect a lot of deep introspection there – you have to be a pre-existing idiot to put your own child in that situation from the jump.

And of course Balloon Juice discovered that the dead instructor was a grade A rightwing nut job in every meaning of the word – Tea Partier, rightwing radical, racist, belligerent second amendment freak. And the owner of the place looks like he’s juiced, on his interview with Chris Hayes.

The only person here who should be held harmless is the child. And of course, she is the one who will suffer the longest and the most.

No one could have predicted…


Take note that the target this child is shooting is the image of a black man.


“Hello? AdminiStaff?
This is Zack over at Burgers & Bullets-- can you send over another RWNJ Gun Instructor?
Yes. Yes please. Same deal. No living relatives would be preferable.”



“The Darwin Gun Club, A 21st Century Tale”

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Do you mean they should sue on behalf of their child? If so, providing there is anything to squeeze from this fly-by-night operation – any settlement should be for her medical care only – the parents should not be able to touch it. They don’t deserve anything but a lifetime devoted to making amends for their reckless stupidity.


It’s all about gun insanity. Imagine a fantasy camp that puts 9-year-olds behind the wheel of a real NASCAR car and has them crank it all the way up to actual race speeds. Is there any doubt there’d be wall-to-wall lawsuits, even if nobody died.


Circular white lines throughout. Just sayin’…