Discussion: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Pleads Not Guilty To Criminal Contempt-Of-Court Charge

In tody’s political atmosphere, his jury will consist of 12 white robed and hooded jurors. He will be found not guilty.


Does he get a jury trial for misdemeanor criminal contempt?

I think this will get very ugly, because if his defense is lack of intent, then pretty much all of the department’s top-level communications about the unlawful activities get subject to a fine-tooth comb. It will make some of the other racist-email cases we’ve seen recently look PC.


A four month continuance on a misdemeanor charge? You knew this was coming and have had plenty of time to prepare, so you can forget about that. And where is the booking photo?


He is hoping for President Trump to be sworn in and pardon him.


Put the putz in pink panties!


He was allowed to forego a formal arrest and booking. It’s standard procedure in Arizona for people who are descended from immigrants. With some exceptions, of course.


If anyone in the Phoenix area is interested in showing their support for Nickel-bag Joe, he holds an open house/party every week.

When: Sunday mornings from 12 a.m.-3 a.m.
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Amazing when it comes to right wing hacks, fools, terrorists or corrupt officials how incompetent the DOJ becomes.
They can railroad a Democratic Gov. on (Don Siegelman) non existent evidence but cannot prosecute a republican Governor on Fraud ( macDonald ) when they admit they have the bribes.

They can convict and jail a kid who hacks into a Yahoo mail account ( if hacking is even required) that Sarah Palin is using to avoid sunshine laws but when they catch a whack job trying to bug the phones of a member of the Senate Security Committee in a federal building a slap on the wrist and limited probations ( where travel restrictions aren’t even enforced )

They can convict a occupy protestor for getting abused by the cops and have her in jail but they can’t convict right wing yahoos arrested in a stolen gov. vehicle and the lunatic band of right wing terrorist’s with pictures of them with guns threatening Gov. workers.

They can harass and besmirch a Democratic congressman (Condict) based upon rumors and innuendos but can’t be bothered to look at a tea party nutcase congressman (Sacrborough) congressman where they found the body in his office after a suspicious weekend and when they catch them trying to promote falsified stories.

The list seems endless.
The lesson being no matter what the crime if your a right wing whack job you walk and if you improperly dispose of a gum wrapper it becomes the subject to delve endlessly into your life and prosecution on felony charges.

Nihilism is starting to look like the only realistic escape from this charade.


Crime now pays health care and a pension.

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“The sheriff has acknowledged the violation but insists it wasn’t intentional”

Yet he kept doing it for a year after the judge ordered him to stop. As @paulw said above, there has got to be a flood of inter/intra departmental communications re the sheriff’s state of mind. There may even be references to offensive Mexican terms we have not even heard of yet. Stay tuned. Methinks he cops a plea to plea deal that does not require him to wear anything pink.


I don’t think he cops a plea deal, for a couple of reasons:

  1. He’s a vicious assh*le who doesn’t care how much of other people’s money he wastes trying to prop up his personal ego and bigotry
  2. There’s nothing in it for the prosecution in letting him cop a plea. There’s no one for him to roll over on, and there may not even be anything less than misdemeanor criminal contempt he could be charged with.

If he were smart he would have pled nolo, which would avoid all the interesting things that will likely come out at trial without actually admitting guilt. (A guilty plea also means you have to make a statement of what you did in open court, see 1) above.)


You may be right, but if AZ permits No Contest pleas, he would not have to admit guilt. It is only a misdemeanor, and it does not involve drunk driving or domestic violence or anything that endangered life or limb. In a case such as this, most prosecutors would settle for any plea and even a suspended imposition of probation with a chance of future dismissal, so it would not even be on his record, say, if he does not violate the court’s order for a year.

Throw him in jail.
And while you’re at it - throw his ex-boss, Scorpion Bitch, in jail with him for condoning his criminal activity.
He could not have done all that without her complicit consent.

I’m not unfamiliar with Arpaio, and had heard some of the nonsense he’s involved himself in over the years.

But, still, I was shocked when I went to wikipedia for a refresher. I was going to post some excerpts, but there is too much to choose from. Read it all.

I can’t wait for Arizona to turn blue. Maricopa County voters have continually reelected this monster. Given that he has cost them over $100 million in legal costs and settlements, doesn’t give a shit about investigating sex crimes, and has misused an additional $100 million in funds, I assume that he has been reelected mainly on the basis of treating inmates like Victorian-era orphans and treating Latinos like Victorian-era rats.