Discussion: Sheriff: Deputy Fired After Video Showed Him Flipping Teen Out Of Desk

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Seems like they saying, “Don’t sue us, sue him”. Doesn’t the police dept. think they should have vetted this asshole sooner? Seems they had a few examples of this cop behaving badly when he was allowed to get off without consequences prior to this incident. I’d like to see the Sheriff’s dept. address that.


I think the her and her family will have a case with this one –

Thank God for cell phones. Without them no one would have believed her and Mr. Tough Guy woulkd still be abusing kids. I don’t care what the girl said to him, what he did could never be justified.

And you know the rest of his buddies are just like him if it took the sheriff this many days to realize that “the maneuver that Fields used on the student was not based on training or acceptable procedure” when everyone else in the world knew instinctively that it was wrong.

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Ya’ think?! I wonder how much of his abuse was never captured on tape (or whatever medium is used these day)?!

The irony of the whole situation is that the two people who got in trouble where both in trouble for cell phones. The first for not putting it away, and the second for begging her fellow students to film it. They both deserve to have their suspensions reveresed and receive an official apology from the police department and the school district.

And the rest of the kids, keep your phones close, as they are your most powerful weapon against the iron fist of the police state.