Discussion: Shelly Sterling Agrees To Sell Clippers To Former Microsoft CEO

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So NOW we know why Shelly hadn’t gotten divorced yet: She was waiting for Donald to do (or, in this case, say) something committable.


The capital gains tax should be tripled.

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That would be nice but that’s not the way America rolls, not the way the Republicans roll and not the way the Democrats roll.

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Ballmer is paying perhaps two to three times as much as this team is worth. Forbes recently estimated the team value at $575 million. Only the Knicks, Lakers and Bulls were valued at 1 billion or more.

Sterling and wife should be laughing all the way to the bank.

Ballmer apparently is still not so good at business.

America, where the rich are punished by being forced to become even richer.


Sooooo…racism pays big time.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that he’s overpaying. After all, he’s a raving lunatic douchebag:

Ballmer also mocked the iPhone when it was introduced because “it didn’t have a keyboard.”

Not only that, but he is going to change the name of the franchise from the “Clippers” to the “Clippys” and change the logo to the paper-clip character we all learned to hate.
I wish. It would be AWESOME.

538 did a piece 3-4 weeks ago about the the disparity between NBA teams’ estimated values and what they could be expected to sell for. 538 surmised that some teams were very undervalued based on the # of billionaires (the only truly prospective buyers) in the marketing region.

The “selling” value of the Clipper ranged upwards to $1.2 billion (the Lakers were somewhat higher) in that study. So, yes, Ballmer “overpaid” for the team, but not as rashly as might appear using the Forbes figures.

Incidentally, both NY franchises were undervalued by Forbes; 538 had both Knicks and Nets valued well over $1 billion, because the NYC region had by far the largest # of billionaires.

Good news. Good for the team. Good for the fans. Good for the NBA.