Discussion: Shaken Parents Separated From Kids Stumble Through Asylum Interviews

How very child-less of them…

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Add this to the numerous examples of inhumane treatment of asylum seekers:
- young kids representing themselves in court - check
- denial of phone contact between kids and parents - check
- moving kids around the country in the middle of the night - check
- forcing parents to choose between seeing their kids and giving up their asylum claim - check

How long will this list become? What happens when the mandated thirty-day period for reunification
comes and goes and there is little progress?


Just MAGA! Never vote republican again.

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He came here to keep himself and his daughter safe. And his daughter immediately is taken from him to an unknown place. ‘Irony’ doesn’t begin to describe that scenario.
‘Malignant cruelty’ might work.
Is it time to take down the Statue of Liberty yet; or at least to remove the poem at her base?


Time to take down The White House and The Capitol Building, as starters. Make America Great Again. Remove Washington, DC.

the cops I must follow have ruled that gang extortion, gang recruitment are not grounds for asylum.

Those would be the same cops who are led by the white nationalist-in-chief and his goon squad, who have ruled that their exaggerated claims (i.e., lies) about gang extortion, gang recruitment and gang violence are sufficient grounds to keep asylum seekers out of the US.


An hour long interview on the phone, while you’re in prison, either through a translator or with someone whose understanding of your language is questionable? I guess if a 3-year-old can appear pro se, this is as close to due process as that.

Sessions is taking a very libertarian approach: you can only be oppressed by governments, not by private enterprise acting as governments.

The judge cited new Justice Department guidelines that gang violence is not sufficient grounds for asylum.

They’re making it impossible for anyone to be granted asylum.

We will wear the shame of what has already taken place for decades to come.

We should be asking people what they think they would’ve done to stop Japanese Internment or end Jim Crow and tell them to act accordingly now.


-drugging children without parental consent

-forcing parents to make a Sophie’s Choice decision on whether to give up their child or return with them to the violence they fled

-parental fitness hearings for parents to get their children back that includ questions about their economic status after they spent all their money fleeing

-why the 2 week wait for reps to be allowed entrance to detention facilities? Reports of lice, bed bug and chicken pox outbreaks. Reports of no drinking water for days. Reports of eerily silent rooms full of children.

-reports of cruelty such as telling children they will never see their parents again if they misbehave

-reports of children being separated from their siblings. Of siblings not being allowed to physically comfort each other even when saying their goodbyes at separation

-the for profit abuses. There are people making money off this

-the lack of oversight and accountability. ICE is set up in a way where they are not necessarily subject to US law. Think, police legally justified lethal force (murder) but worse

-ICE detention centers are already known for rampant abuse especially sexual violence. It can only be worse with this many more people and chaos

-the things I can’t remember just now

-the things we’ll learn in the days to come



Trump et al are just monsters.

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This is based on federal documents

I’ll bet Barron Trump is begging to be separated from his asshole of a father. And, it wouldn’t surprise me if Melanoma files for divorce as soon as Trump is either impeached or resigns his office. (and Melanoma probably wishes she’d been “barren” when Trump forced himself on her way back when)

They’re shaken. We’re stirred.

This is despicable. All of it.

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