Discussion: Sessions Says He Would Have Left Trump Campaign If There Was An ‘Improper’ Or ‘Illegal’ Relationship With Russia

Fucking liar.


Lying is part of a politicians DNA. Doesn’t really matter what party. But some parties do it more than others. Belief in an upright and honorable politician is a fools errand.

“Well, if there was an improper, illegal relationship in an effort to
impede or influence this campaign, I absolutely would have departed,”
Sessions said.

How about if that influence had a positive outcome on trump’s campaign? Was that OK?

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Ask him about Manafort and the Republican convention. Russia was influencing the Republican Party Platform, FFS! This wasn’t even a secret–it was right out in the open.

Sen. Heinrich nailed him down. In the initial question, Sessions said he “Probably would have been out the door…”

I say this as someone from the South: I am so fucking tired of this mush mouth who so murders the English language.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh wuuuuuuuuuuud hayuv sayed sumtin’ 'bout…”

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Well, like George Costanza said, it’s not a lie if you believe it. And JeffBo sees no problem with the current state of our relations with Russia.