Discussion: Sessions History With POC Comes To Light In DOJ Probe Of C'ville Attack

Jeff did all the meth and drank all the coffee so he was, obviously, ready to fellate the great Orange Menace on live TV. And he didn’t disappoint.

It’s now official: Hate Rules! (Look for a hat at the Trump 2020 website soon.)

BTW: He cited numerous times the importance of the “Rule of Law.” Anybody else notice he never mentioned the pardon of Joe the Payaso once? Could it be because his pardon completely usurps the courts, the laws, the Constitution — the Rule of Law? Nah.



Given the facts presented in the rest of the article and his general history AP might want to look up the definition of “genial,” note joking that you thought the Klan was okay until you found out they did pot isn’t particularly friendly.

Edit: Actually this is so fucking egregious I can’t let it go at that. I mean really AP you need to write an article examining what impact the head of the Department of Justice’s checkered history on racial issues will have on major civil rights issues for millions of Americans and your initial descriptor for him is genial? Like he is just some silly maybe slightly senial, but overall harmless grampa figure? Haha, look at the friendly little old man, he’s so cute when he is stripping millions of vulnerable Americans of their constitutional rights and protections. WTF!?


Next up: Darling Nikki will announce the most insane policy to deal with North Korea imaginable.

Sadly, Mueller will not be distracted. The investigation will go on. And Comrade Cockholster will be enraged.

Hopefully, this is when Kelly finally takes him to the woodshed.

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Did spellcheck correct for “genocidal”?


Hate crime cases are often challenging because the government must prove that a suspect was primarily motivated by hatred of the victims’ race or religion, as opposed to their political views. The Charlottesville case could be tricky. The victim, 32-year-old Heather Heyer, was white. That means investigators will have to prove Fields was targeting minorities when he plowed into the crowd, not just anti-racism protesters.

But do we know if he targeted Heather Heyer specifically, or did he target a group that she was with that had African-Americans in it? Would this lessen the charges brought if he killed some one who was not his intended target?
@ncsteve do you have any thoughts?

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Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, a son of the segregated South who was named after leaders of the Confederacy…

Now this is not true at all.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is named after his father, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Jr.

Who is in turn, named after his father Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Sr.

Who was named after Confederate generals Jefferson Davis and Pierre Gustave Toutant-Beauregard by his father, John B Sessions, who served in the Confederate States Army.

The name Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is a continuous, living heritage of a Confederate Soldier.


Yet Sessions was also quick to forcefully condemn the car attack at the neo-Nazi rally in support of a Confederate statue in Charlottesville. His response stood in contrast to that of President Donald Trump, who drew equivalence between the white nationalists and those protesting their beliefs. Sessions denounced racism and bigotry and called the driver’s actions an “evil” act of domestic terrorism worthy of a federal civil rights investigation.

Of course, the victim of the car attack was white. I wonder how Sessions would have reacted had her skin been brown or, heaven forbid, black.


If the victim had been somebody other than a young white paralegal (like a young black paralegal) he would have already washed his hands of the Charlotteville matter.

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No one knows what he said his motive was except, possibly, the cops who have questioned him and his lawyer. If he was foolish enough, however, to say “I was trying to kill me a” [n-bomb], under the doctrine of transferred intent, he would still be guilty of a civil rights violation resulting in death.

However, the real question in my mind isn’t whether they’ll prosecute it as a civil rights violation, but, rather, whether they’ll prosecute it as an act of terrorism. The guy used the very tactic ISIS has been advocating against Americans in furtherance of a political agenda. And yet, somehow, the word “terrorism” has been conspicuously absent from their rhetoric, except possibly in connection with Berkeley Antifa types.


@dannydorko Of course, the victim of the car attack was white. I wonder how Sessions would have reacted had her skin been brown or, heaven forbid, black.

Sessions: “It appeahs to have been an unfohtunate auto accident…”


Sessions’ political career has been dogged by questions about race,

Because he is a racist, who has a slightly better grasp of social niceties than the Orange Menace, the MSM describes his career as “dogged by questions about race” rather than ‘documented history of racist legal actions against minorities.’

For Sessions, a genial 70-year-old with an Alabama drawl and an uncompromising conservative ideology, leading the Justice Department is the capstone of a decadeslong political career. He has faced questions about his treatment of minorities along the way.

And rightly so, because he’s a racist a$$h03 who shouldn’t be in office.

Would people quit mentioning his “southern drawl” like it’s some charm that makes all the other racist $h1t not count. I swear to god that mentioning his ‘southern drawl’ is shorthand for: Well he’s southern, he can’t help that he’s racist. There are non-racist southerners and really racist northerners. Racism is not genetic, it is learned.

As @lizzymom said in the comments of the “Report: Trump Allies Worried About How POTUS Will Fare With Loss Of Key Aide” post. After I read these articles where the MSM adds qualifiers like “checkered past” and “maybe he’ll change” qualifiers to a dyed-in-the-wool racist like Sessions. I kinda want Trump to stay through the mid-term elections to prevent Q-Tip Pence from entering office and ‘normalizing’ things again. I worry that the current anger fueled by the tweets from President Tiny Orange Hands would be wiped away by the memory hole if Trump was removed in fall 2017.


Sessions is a racist - proven time after time after time.
He may say things to get himself off the hook or make himself look better, but he is a longtime, old, committed racist PERIOD


Sessions History With POC Comes To Light In DOJ Probe Of C’ville Attack

And thus, after dangling “POC” in the headline, the acronym never appears in the article, leaving one to wonder what it means.


Exactly. I have no idea what POC stands for. _________ of the Confederacy???

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I must have missed something - what does POC stand for? Piece of Crap? Polishing a car? Polarizing a country?


POC. People Of Color.

Racist don’t really want to get rid of non whites, just be able to regulate them to the shitty jobs and areas with low pay and the freedom to abuse or kill them with no consequences.

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It occurred to me it probably means “People of Color,” but that I could eventually figure it out doesn’t mean it should be used in a headline.



And that starts with a terrorism investigation. Did anyone else know of his plans, or provide support before or after? With whom has he been associating? Are any of them advocating violence? Have they discussed plans/scenarios? Have they accumulated weapons/materials suitable for such plans? Has he been visiting online sites/discussions advocating violence? Etc?