Discussion: Senator Who Voted For The Iraq War Sees No Solution There For Obama

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Howzabout actually learning from your mistake perhaps Rep Moran?
You know. No more war?
Not holding out hope though.


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notice how he still thinks leaving troops in iraq would have made the country safer,which is total bull.


“In my view, it was a mistake to leave precipitously…”

We either a) leave precipitously (is there any other way?) or b) make room on the flag for the 51st star.

Hussein was a brutal despot. We cannot provide the brutal despotism to fill the vacuum he left.

Moran - never a more fitting surname.


Moran, who served in the House of Representatives when the U.S. invaded Iraq,

Did this Moran actually serve on the battlefield?

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I don’t recall the U.S. debating about whether we should go into Iraq to make it a bastion of democracy. I do remember debating whether we should go into Iraq to stop Saddam Hussein from blowing us up with nuclear weapons (that he didn’t have). Every life lost in the Iraq War on all sides was a colossal and tragic waste.


Get a brain, …


Moran fails to note that it was Bush who agreed to and signed the SOFA that resulted in leaving no combat troops in Iraq.

He’s shifting blame—inartfully and dishonestly—for Bush’s many shortcomings.


Alt Headline:

Monday Morning Troll Knows He Would Have Done Better Than Obama Did

Never should have been there in the first place.

Therefore, the correct response is: Let it burn and let the Iraqis sort is out.


“In my view, it was a mistake to leave precipitously"


  1. We were there for 10 years.

  2. By failing to sign a status of force agreement with us, the government of Iraq was telling us to get lost. To have remained would have been yet another violation of international law by the US.

  3. The Bush administration left the United States in a completely untenable position with respect to Iraq. Given the nature of the Shiite dominated elected government, of its prime minister, Nouri-al-Maliki, and of the still seething and increasingly radical Sunni population in Iraq, the events that we are seeing now were inevitbale.

  4. If this Senator and others, Democratic and Republican alike, had not voted for the invasion of Iraq, we would not be in this position either.

After the invasion, the most logical course, but not one that would by any stretch of the imagination have been simple to implement (consider the partitioning of India and the continuing conflict in Kashmir decades later) would have been to partition Iraq into Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish areas and to undo the damage done by the creation of Iraq after the end of WWI, a partitioning that was done for no other reason than to maximize British control of the region and its natural resources.

The whole thing makes me sick. How many more tens of thousands of innocent people have to die, paying for the careless and callous mistakes of others?

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I assume you’re agreeing that it’s all Obama’s fault. Anything else is just white noise.

Obviously I’m not agreeing that it’s Obama’s fault. His hands were tied by the agreements the Bush administration had made with the Maliki government.

It was a joke. You say it’s Obama’s fault and this guy will look like a bobblehead. You say it’s not Obama’s fault and he won’t hear you.


His reasoning is torturous. So much for faith, water to wine and sight to the blind.

You cannot correct what was incorrect from the outset. We never should have invaded Iraq. The Senator should admit his mistake in going in, not in pulling out too soon. Staying would have wasted additional human and monetary capital. Today’s situation would have been delayed, but the results would have been the same. Iraq did not ask for democracy and had no desire for it. Sectarian conflict is the DNA of Iraq. Always has, and always will be.

These guys are experts on everything, except legislation, which is supposedly what we pay them for.