Discussion: Senate On Course To Pass Spending Bill: Reid Urges Quick Vote

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Are there any good links out there as to what dems and repubs each “got” out of this spending bill? I’ve seen some stuff, and it seems that dems took an extreme short end of the stick, outside of “obamacare got funded”. The immigration executive action seems on unsteady footing as that particular part only got funded until repubs have full control of both houses.

I love the photo–or, rather, the look on Elizabeth Warren’s face. (I realize that the photo may not relate to this debate, but it’s a perfect choice.)

I emailed Sen. Warren and Sen. Markey (being lucky enough to live in Massachusetts) and suggested that they should filibuster the bill. Sometimes, you’ve got to stand up for principle. This should be one of those times.

(I also emailed the President to tell him how disheartened I am by his stance.)


Americans need to wake the hell up, especially Democrats who stay home. This is exactly what you voted for by not voting at all. Get ready for more of this! The president now has no choice, but to sign bill after bill full of these kinds of poison pills unless he wants to see the government shutdown and folks hurt even worse than by what’s in the bill.

The fact is that the Republicans are sitting in the catbird seat on this one. They can refuse to fund the government beyond the next month or so and then pass the most draconian bill the craziest of the crazies can imagine. The fact that they’re at all playing ball is, sadly, a gift.


You know the situation is FUBAR when you’re hoping Cruz filibusters this shit. Warren won’t step up to the plate.

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Don’t worry, the Black Helicopters from the secret service are on their way.

Agree, and I just posted something along these lines in the Christmas Miracle article’s comments section.

We get the government we deserve.


“Reid Urges Quick Vote”
Like getting a needle.

Or ripping off a bandage.

Yeah, give 'em heck, Harry. Oh, pshaw! Once again, Lucy has pulled the carpet out from under
Charlie Brown. Go ahead, Harry, suck down all that poison and maybe, just maybe we might find
a leader with balls to stand up to the turtle.

You go for it Harry - screw the middle class again.

Reid’s comments translated, Let’s all roll over and take one in the ass.

Republicans and Democrats got big money donors’ maximums raised.

Wall Street got a new license to steal.

so, basically, dems got nuttin’.

The Democrats are in the catbird seat. If the Republicans have to deal with this next year they’re going to tie themselves up in knots and have a shutdown melt down. Obama could at them like a violin. But that would be too icky for the diffident one. Better to let the Republicans have the upper hand. They know what to do with it, unlike our pwecious widdle pwesident.