Discussion: Senate Dems Publicly Slugging Each Other Over Contracts For Native Tribes

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What? TPM pushing a “Dems in Disarray” story? Imagine that.


But they have been scrutinized in recent years. A 2010 Washington Post investigation found that the financial benefits of the corporations had not been reaching the intended population because non-native executives had been taking home much of the profits.

Based on that, I’m Team McCaskill (can’t believe I said that because she’s so wishy-washy). Seems she wants some accountability here. If the contract is supposed to benefit the Native people, why are corporations getting a piece of this? How is that benefiting them? How is that the “unique needs of Alaska”? What’s going on?


There is nothing wrong with the fight. It is what both Senators were hired to do. Frankly the Alaska natives aren’t served by the beltway “indians” who syphon all the money out of their programs. Of course, Alaska’s senator is going to fight for continuing the program.


They are both right but Begich could look like more of a champ if he kept the program running but brought it back into line. That’s a double-double with cheese.


Waiting for Begich to say to McCaskill that she doesn’t understand Alaska because “she’s a girl.”

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Maybe TPM is just trying to show how to be “fair and balanced”


A vulnerable politician publicly criticizing a member of his own party because he thinks it will help him come election time. Oh my God, what an outrageously common tactic. TPM’s next piece should be about how water is wet.

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Mark Begich? Pfffttttt he’s taken the place of Joe Lieberman as most Repubican Democrat. Mark Begich. Begich please…

Please don’t compare anyone to Joey Lieberman, that John McCain and Dick Bush lapdog and scumbag extraordinaire. Leave that piece of garbage in the trash.


I think this is a great story if you have an honest disagreement with your fellow dem senator speak out…now if there are corps. that are takein advantage of the program and screwin the natives its supose to help… begich needs to get his ass on it not prop it up just to make himself look good …screwin people aint a good thing no matter what party ur in

I’m inclined to give Begich the edge here, since he has boots on the ground so to speak.

Follow the money. Who else benefits from the profit skimming by non-native managers?


I vaguely remembered the story about Alaska Congressman Don Young creating an earmark for construction of the Coconut Road Interchange in Florida.

When I tried to google the story I found tons of listings for Alaska Native Corporation jobs all over Florida.


Liberals are haters and haters will even hate each other. I like Joe Miller’s chances.

You ever notice conservatives define themselves by what they oppose and project those things onto others?


Your history of pure trolling and name calling has landed you a 2 week suspension. When and if you return, please behave in a more civil manner.


I smell politics in the room. Must be an election year or something.

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Thank you for that.


And Sarah Palin is also from Alaska, which pretty much says how much those boots are worth.