Discussion: Senate Consumer Choice Idea In Health Care Proposal Could Raise Premiums For Sick

The GOP can no longer get by just making steely promises to repeal Obamacare. Republicans have to craft some plan of their own to back up their assurances that America could have better and cheaper health insurance if if it weren’t for those blasted meddling Democrats.

Over and over again, they are finding out that ACA was crafted to work about as well as a plan could, given the limitations of working with our existing insurance system. There is pretty much nothing the GOP wants to do that won’t degrade what ACA created.

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When Republican Communists like Teddy Cuba Cruz labels something as consumer choice, drop everything and run like hell. Teddy the Communist is really pushing something the ruling 1% (Central Communist Committee) wants to enrich their private equity accounts at Goldman Sachs…where his wife happens to work.

A plan you mean where Wall Street Insurance Giants and their 1% family investors are in control…except now they want a huge tax cut that Obama refused to give. Max Baucus of Montana and the Republicans on the senate finance committee killed It for Wall Street…last year alone the net profit for health insurance companies jumped by a whopping 40%. The insurance company CEO bonuses are now greater than the big Wall Street banks including Goldman!

Meanwhile: 98% of Americans think their insurance premiums have gone up because of sick and the elderly. That is pure Wall Street bull shit. Premiums are going up to make the 1% private equity owners richer and richer! Stop being so gullable and blaming fellow common Americans. It is all about the 1%

The plan that our nation and democracy need and deserve is single payer Medicare for all. Obama choked and the 1% won…as usual.

I think I heard something spring your unicorn trap. Better go check it.

ACA gave insurers millions of new customers. In return, it imposed a number of restrictions on the companies that would not exist if they were, as you put it, “in control.” Among those restrictions are rate review, a minimum medical loss ratio, and limits on the amount of CEO compensation the companies can treat as a deductible expense for taxes.

I’m happy for the tens of millions of people who now have good-quality health insurance.