Discussion: Senate Conservatives Fund Spoiling For A Fight Against Sen. McCain

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Yaay, we’re gonna do this again! I love it. They didn’t have as much sway last time during the midterms, but they might actually be able to pull off a serious upset in a presidential election year. What a fitting end to his career it would be to be bested by a tea bagger who goes on to lose the general election and a reliable Republican seat in the Senate.


Note to Cooch:

The Senate is not the House.

“We’re looking for a strong candidate who believes in our principles, has grassroots support, and who can run a winning campaign.”

I don’t believe I have ever seen a three-part oxymoron before.


Pass the popcorn.

I’d absolutely support the “good” Senator McCain - the serious, sensible leader and legislator - except for the fact that the “bad” John McCain - the man who selected Sarah Palin as his running mate - would come along, too.

Groups like the SCF are why we can’t have nice things.

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As an Arizonan, I loath jony mc!

I read with interest that he is now going to start focusing on Arizona!!!

Yeah, sure do-nothing senator! You have had 5 terms…4 too many in my opinion.

Come on Mark Kelly, run against this old do nothing troll. Isn’t it about time for Arizona to have a senator that actually gives a crap about our state?

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McCain is similar to Grassley in that they’ve spent their lives in the Senate, and spending more time with their families is no longer a viable option. So, even if their gears are not fully engaged, they’ll just keep running and name recognition will take them far.

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Yeah, now that Father time is going to take out McCain, Cuccinelli is going to try and swoop in and take credit. I hope he spends many, many millions to do it.

McCain doesn’t really know what he is anymore. All he is about these days is being anti-Obama and for some kind of war some where against someone/anyone/everyone. In fact, that is very neo-conservative.

They may primary him, but it’ll be a joke. McCain will win re-election on the basis of the Sunday morning talk-show constituency alone. We’re going to have to put up with his irrelevant egoistic bullshit for another seven years.

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Is Kelly an AZ resident? He still drives a car with TX license plates. I’ve seen it.

If he does run and passes the residency test, he’ll have my vote.

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I heard him speak not too long ago. I liked what I heard too.

Gabby owns property here in the Tucson area. All he needs to do is move in and update his drivers license to AZ. Then register to vote.

I don’t know when the deadline is, but I think he has plenty of time. If he is thinking about running.

Wouldn’t it be grand to see old jony mc lose in the general? Then he can appear on MTP weekly to bitch and belly ache about a new guy he lost too?