Discussion: Sen. McCain: 'This Is My Last Term'

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Will he apologize for unleashing Sarah Palin on America?


And I can vote my conscience without worry.

If you had one.


I doubt will be doing anymore voting, A little late for that.


I can speak my mind without fearing the consequences much. And I can vote my conscience without worry.

Make the most of it, John, because you’re plainly admitting you’ve been voting against your conscience for ages.

What a sad commentary that statement is. I guess it’s better than continuing to vote against what you think is right, but… yeah. Just sad.


McCain says he will vote his conscience and I get all warm and fuzzy till it occurs to me that they all should do that all the time whether facing reelection or not. Naive, I know.


So much to unpack in this fool’s statements. He fully admits that when his reelection is possible, he’ll ignore his conscience and vote any way necessary to keep his seat. That would also include voting not in his constituents best interests, but in the interests of the moneyed class that funds his campaign. He’s now “free” to do the right thing, as if before he was held at gun point and forced to vote against his conscience. All you need to know about John McCain is the Keating 5 scandal. McCain has always been to total sell-out on behalf of his donors rather than his constituents. All these GOP con artists who are retiring have suddenly found Jesus! Funny, that.


If he believes in democracy he’ll step down by May 30th so there can be an election. Let’s see if his words are backed up by actions.


Better for a Senator to be like John McCain, a total sellout who has at least an inkling of what the right thing would be, but ignores it, or a magnitude 9.5 true-believer grade-A whacko like Tom Cotton?

Such nice questions the Grand Old Party poses for us.


I know the answer, but I don’t want to ruin the not-surprise.


“This is my last term.”

“Kthxbai.” Click.

           Sen. McCain: ‘This Is My Last Term’

Uh …hate to break it to ya Johnie …

We already knew that ----

(but some still wonder why you’re the last one to …


All right, all right already -

Just beat it!

Remarkable how an unplugged and unleashed Republican almost sounds like a Democrat.


Having been witness to someone who suffered with the same brain tumor McCain has, I can tell you that the path forward is not a pretty one. Over time, he will lose more and more function and will become unable to communicate and then progress to a stage in which he is essentially comatose until he dies. How long that process will take can vary, but this type of cancer is unrelenting and nasty. The case I watched unfold included a specialized treatment that initially resulted in an almost total disappearance of the tumor (located in a part of the brain that was inoperable.) Then, within weeks, it roared back, bigger and stronger than ever.

The very interesting question is how long the McCain family goes before it tells the outside world that his ability to function as a US Senator in any form is gone. I have seen reports that he is coming out with a new book that will talk about Trump. That should be interesting. What is sad though is McCain’s statement that because he is dying from cancer, he is free to talk. Says everything there is to say about today’s GOP and its spineless catering to Donnie and his toxic brew.


Fat chance -

Don’tcha know? His moribund campaign needed the ‘glamor juice’ from Caribou Barbie’s participation, and McLame will never let go of that narritive.

But the rest of the world knows: he opened the gates on the zombie/Bircher RWNJs and here we are. :angry:


He’s a dying man. Whatever you or I may think of his politics, he unquestionably suffered in service to this country. At this point, I wish him a dignified end with a minimum of pain.


Memo to ‘Eric’ -

repugnicans DO NOT believe in democracy -

they only believe in capitalism


Thanks for this. Bears repeating.


We had this discussion yesterday. Real men don’t apologize. They just expect you to get over it.

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