Discussion: Sen. Graham: Only Way To Fix VA Is Let Vets Get Healthcare Out Of VA System

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Easy for you to say what we vets should do.How about funding the agency properly ?


How predictable.

When’s this little bitch’s primary?

Miz Lindsey, as reliable as a water clock and just as current…

I’m not a vet, and certainly can’t speak for our vets, but everything I’ve heard tells me that the quality of care vets receive from the VA is superior to what the rest of us get from the private sector. The current problems involve understaffing, and the consequent long wait times, not the quality of care provided.

Let’s fix the good system we’ve got by funding the agency to meet the demands being placed on it. Given what we ask of our servicemen and women, it’s the least we can do.


Miss Lindsey’s next suggestion: Abolish he VA and give the vets vouchers.


Read a letter from a VA employee today. He said one of the many problems was outsourcing, or contract employees. Many cost twice what a government employee would, but there is a hiring freeze in an effort to keep the size of government down. It’s just like Afghanistan. Pay the outside help several times what the company man gets so you can cut costs by having fewer employees. You gotta love government logic.


Sounds like Senator Graham is proposing a single payor system, doesn’t it? Glad you finally came around Senator, now how about a ‘card’ for the rest of us who want decent medical care.


And exactly how many tours of duty has the good senator completed and how much experience does he have with the VA again?..Oh…that’s right…NONE!!

Put the folks in the VA on ACA for medical care. Or better yet, expand the VA to cover all of us.


This ugly little fool forgets they screwed our education system, our prison system who now has ‘occupancy guarantees’ because it is private… The gopbags defunded our VA system in 2003…then had to do an emergency bill to cover the Vet’s coming home from the lied into War they started! This is NOT about CARE but about ACCESS!

This is management and clean up the decades of crap in the bureaucracy the gop bags created! Get rid of this little old flabby fake…

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Think of the profits.

See, this is the Republican’s real agenda. Too much money out there to be made off of veterans. Disgusting.


It’s been that way for a long time. I did a few shifts at the local Army Hospital back in the early 90s and I think I got paid something like $60 per hour as a nurse.

Single Payer For ALL!!


And who is going to pay for that? VA is my primary healthcare, and by choice. I pay for employer care, but don’t use it (it’s for the family), preferring the style and quality of care at the VA.

I could just see them destroy my healthcare with vouchers that pull funding from the VA.



Dude, you’ll get vouchers! They’re the solution to every problem so I can only assume they’re fucking awesome - and possibly as magical as tax cuts!


“choice” = for-profit health care

Because it works so awesomely everywhere else.


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Oh, I’m sure it works for someone. And by “someone” I mean a corporation. And they’re people, you know.

Why do you hate people?