Discussion: Sen. Cochran Speaks On Both Break-In Capers: 'It Sure Is Bizarre' (VIDEO)

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They were committing some form of Voter/Voting/Election Fraud. That “thing” republicants keep claiming is rampant throughout the entire and must be stamped out (by limiting who can vote to only those “we” approve of).

And it is. it’s being committed by republicants such as these.

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He is really laid back on this. I don’t think his heart is in this race to be honest.


a) Wow, way to take the gloves off. Grr!

b) Auto-play videos are a great way for TPM to lose viewers.


That’s one thing I really don’t like about TPM. They are constantly pushing the bounds of acceptable web advertising. When I click ‘close’ on an ad, there shouldn’t be an identical copy of the same ad hiding right behind it. Videos should definitely NOT auto-play. Ads on mobile shouldn’t take me out of the web browser to a page on the app store unless I actually click it.

I know they’re trying to make a living, but it makes the site feel pretty 3rd rate.

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Bizarre people with bizarre beliefs create bizarre results. Discuss, discuss

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Man-o-man…this guy isn’t even trying to win. If you can’t capitalize on these antics and most likely criminal acts by your opponents, than you might as well hang it up. This guy acts like there’s no cause for alarm…He’s just asking the questions and its just a curious situation that’s got him dumbfounded. Sounds like he wants to just sleep on it before he decides…What a Duh!

Take a pill Senator…We’ll even give you a choice…Viagra or Valium.

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I haven’t had that problem since I switched to Chrome and put an AdBlock extension on my browser. What a huge difference that made!

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I don’t think Cochran has the ‘evil gene’ necessary to rip his enemy’s throat out.

He’s trying to play the Southern Gentleman here but sadly, that hasn’t been en vogue for a while now.

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Me too - but the auto-plays are still happening.

Thad will be the next elite supported Republican to go. The long dead TEA Party will claim another scalp. LOL!