Discussion: SCOTUS To Hear Black Caucus Challenge To Alabama Redistricting

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Of course the Supreme Corporate Court, SCOTUS Inc., chose to hear the challenge.

The Flatulent Five know they can stand together to gut another piece of voting rights.

Furthermore, since I know he’ll show up and spread manure, fuck you DugFmJamul.


Gee, I wonder if Clarence will sit quietly and let the white conservatives on the SCOTUS deny members of his race justice. Any wagers?


I have my doubts that Clarence identifies as African American.


You are right, by his own statements. He’s black when he wants to complain that whites are demeaning blacks by helping them out, but entirely white in his point of view that it’s white men on top that he identifies his interests with.

At first, I recoiled against the acronym SCOTUS, thinking it sounds too much like an unclean body part. But with every decision lately, the sound of it rings a little truer.