Discussion: SCOTUS Ruling Favors Prayer At Council Meeting

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“attendees at the council meeting may step out of the room if they do not like the prayer.”

Right. Thereby being excluded and labeling themselves as an outsider and potentially damaging their credibility and relationship and ability to convince people at the town hall meeting to listen to their opinions and arguments.

Here’s the question, Kennedy, you conservative in moderates clothing: WHY SHOULD THEY FUCKING HAVE TO?

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Fucking Supreme Court strikes again. This sucks…Unless you’re being told you’re headed for damnation cause you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as you lord and savior at the opening of the meeting through prayer…its all good according to these fucking idiots in robes. ARrrrghhh!


“The inclusion of a brief, ceremonial prayer as part of a larger exercise in civic recognition suggests that its purpose and effect are to acknowledge religious leaders and the institutions they represent, rather than to exclude or coerce nonbelievers,”

The inherent contradictions in this statement would boggle the mind. Is there any particular reason to acknowledge religious leaders as opposed to, say, Boy Scout scoutmasters or heads of VFW chapters, and how many people who are “recognized” at public meetings get to make speeches?

What about freedom from religion?

Start the meeting early , say prayers , and then get on with meeting .

Errors or mistakes from the supreme court seem to be quite common these days. So much so they don’t even bother trying to hide any ideological indifference, so much for the rule of law. It was a nice free republic we had while it lasted.


“In 1983, the court upheld an opening prayer in the Nebraska legislature and said that prayer is part of the nation’s fabric”

Utter B.S. For those who not only refuse prayer, but think it’s especially damaging to young minds, it is not a “fabric.” It’s a tumor in need of removal.

Staged ESP events with made-up deities have no place in our shared public square.

In the name of the father the son and the holy spirit AMEN. May peace be with you and also with you.!!!

This should have been easy. This is essentially the Barnette case with prayer. You should not have to subscribe to religious beliefs or rituals, any belief or ritual, to participate in civic life. If everyone wants to get together before the meeting starts and have a prayer circle like the Felowship of Christian Athletes, I say go for it. But once the meeting is called to order, it’s not about religion and never should be.


In the name of fictional sky-spooks and childish mythology??

No thanks, conservative troll, I am a liberal, and I think for myself.

Do not ceremonies become nothing but empty gestures if they are done out of tradition? Did not the Supreme Court just declare prayer to be an empty gesture?

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Freedom of religion also means Freedom from Religion…but it seems the American Taliban and the Supreme Court can’t read the Constitution either.

How 'bout these assholes carry on their prayer circle out in the parking lot away from attendees and other civic leaders? Let them pray on their own time away from civic services in the community. If prayer has the force to transcend boundaries, it should work just as well several yards away without insulting or offending anyone in particular.


Ichthus: I like this point. Any serious adherents of christianity or judaism would have a perfect right to be offended by such empty invocations, because they’re pretty much the epitome of taking the lord’s name in vain.