Discussion: SCOTUS Could Take Up Arizona Ballot Collecting Law As Soon As Saturday

I am not aware of any other democracy in the world where a major party is more dedicated to keeping voters away from the polls.


I think voter suppression stems from the same strategy it takes to compete in the business world. You can succeed by having a superior product or service to sell at a good price or you can succeed by undermining, thwarting or buying out your competition.


Heck, I’m in the part of the world where some leaders can get more than 100% of the vote. No turning away voters here!


The kind of voting Trump would like to bring to America.


The logic behind this law would pretty much make all mail-in ballots illegal, right? (Not the law itself, which is carefully targeted, but the logic of not wanting any possible hanky panky to occur away from the polling place)


OT, but an interesting twist. By the GOP refusing to help bail out Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans have flocked to Florida where they are voting yugely for HRC.

The little island that could have a big impact on Trump’s chances


Arizona is one of the states highly dedicated to preserving the integrity of our elections. For example, Native Americans who foolishly decide to live on reservations have only their lazy selves to blame for the lack of mailboxes within walking distance, the ancient voting machines that routinely eliminate as many as 1 in 2 votes cast due to mechanical and/or technological glitches, and the Republican election workers with documented propensities to “lose” mail-in ballots with “suspicious-looking” surnames. And Hispanics should stop grousing, since their voting equipment only lose I in 4 ballots cast. In fact, since mail-in ballots prominently feature the individuals party affiliation on the exterior surface, every Democratic voter in the state can rest assured that their vote will receive the same care and consideration as those ballets labeled Republican…

Indeed, the only low-information voters we need are the Fix Noise viewers, who know less about the world they live in than people who consume no news whatsoever, and/or the denizens of the alt-right. People working 2 or 3 jobs while raising kids clearly have too much on their plates to bother with voting. Ditto for racial, ethnic, or religious minorities. The elderly, frankly, don’t have enough time left to waste it on something as low-return as voting for candidates offering policies that may not even be put into effect until after they’re dead. And as a woman, I can affirm that those of us who wear our genitalia on the inside are far too hormonally bewildered to be entrusted with a voice on public affairs.

So let’s thank the Republicans for enshrining in law what we all agree is just the “natural order” of things political…eeeuw, I better get busy making snacks for the menfolks’ election night party!


Wow – does AZ really display the party registration on the outside of the envelopes for absentee ballots? Geeze.


I never quite understood the purpose of this law. I recall several years ago, I went to the County offices to drop off my absentee ballot that I could have mailed in. I also brought my disabled mother’s ballot. They refused to take my Mom’s ballot, they said she had to bring it herself or else mail it in. It was still days away from the election so I actually dropped it in the mailbox outside the County offices, on my way back to my car.

GOP Gov. Doug Ducey signed the law enacted by the
Republican-dominated Legislature early this year, 
calling it a common-sense effort to protect the
 integrity of elections and eliminate voter fraud.

Pretty much all you need to know to determine whether or not it’s bullshit —

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