Discussion: Scarborough: I've Never Heard Anyone Object To Obamacare Because Of Race

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“I’m Joe Scarborough and if I haven’t heard about it, it doesn’t exist.”


Because only people who are overt about their racism are racists.


And I’ve never heard someone say that he’s not selling a house to another person because the potential buyer is black. So, I guess that means there is no housing discrimination.


Joe Scarborough has never heard anything - he’s too busy talking to bother listening to anyone else!


I guess he doesn’t hear the dog whistles. I hear them quite easily.


…and if he HAD heard someone say it (he has!!!) I’m sure he would tell us…right Joe!!!


This little game the Rethugs have been playing for YEARS just doesn’t work in the digital age. Whispers, hints and fact-challenged, jingoistic historical contrasts have always dominated this fading party’s palaver no matter the scripted remarks of an empty cable suit…


Contrary to what Moaning Joe says, Rockefeller did not call all or even close to a majority of those who oppose the president racists. He merely said, in plain English, that he has read e-mails suggesting some oppose him because of race. Scarborough does this all the time. He misstates what a person says, then argues against the misstatement. Klein and Robinson came close to calling him out on it, not close enough in my view, but he couldn’t be dissuaded.
As for Johnson, Rockefeller did not call him or imply he is a racist. He’s the only Republican in the room; big f*cking deal. Again, plain English. E-mails.
These repukes make me sick.


OK, two things.

Obamacare “as the President likes to call it”? No, Obamacare as the GOP decided to call it, and is regretting now that it is a success.

And when somebody can come up with a rational explanation as to why the GOP is so vitriolically opposed to the Heritage Foundation’s idea, then and only then will I accept any argument that it might not be about the President’s race.


I hear there’s a river in Egypt called Denial. Morning Joke is just another political GOoPer hack getting a paycheck he doesn’t deserve. The guy has promoted Obama-Derangement-Syndrome everyday he’s been on the air…That’s all you need to know about this hack. I quit watching that asshole and that show awhile ago now…I finally realized how it kept ruining the start of a perfectly good day having to hear Scarbro and his panel’s constant resentment and animus towards this President.


Jeebus, Joe. He’s a black man and it’s his legislation-- that’s what’s driving the opposition. It was the GOP’s idea in the first place, and if Obama were white, they might not embrace his version with enthusiasm, but there would not be this constant drive to sabotage and destroy.


Actually I think the Repubs would be vehemently opposed to the bill if any Democratic President got it passed. Think Clinton. But the rhetoric would be different, that is for sure. Rove promised the Republicans perpetual ownership of the White House and they are very sore losers.


Actually the President does like to call it Obamacare. The administration co-oped the term almost from the get go when they purchased Obamacare as a Google search term.


Well Morning Joke there are obviously no Simon Legree’s walking around with whips flashing, the racists have learned to hide their racism behind a political party, the GOP. So when its couched in terms like John Sununu pronounced. “The President does not know what it means to be American” what he really means is “The Black President who is so obviously from Kenya can be as corrupt as I am and still have a voice in politics. That is Un American”.


Except the dog-whistles have been more like bullhorns for the past 4 years, ever-increasing in sound, pitch and tone. Morning Joke doesn’t do journalism…he does bloviating, pontificating, and talking out of his ass for a living…


So those pictures of Obama as a witch doctor with a bone in his nose held by people protesting Obamacare was just my imagination?


The moniker ObamaCare was used obstinately by the GOP to denote race and class. The separation of Medicaid from the program by the SC to aid certain states had racial overtones. Playing the race card wasn’t required, it was trump in this game. Joe has been out of the loop for some time now.


John Stuart Mill said: "“Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.”

I would paraphrase that by saying, “Although it is not true that all people opposed to Obamacare are racists, it is true that most racists (likely all) are opposed to Obamacare.”


I sent the idiot an email telling him just what you said. So sick of him pontificating every morning, I shut he and the blonde sock puppet off after the first half hour. Guess he has never seen the racist emails that have come up from elected public people with racist rants. There was a sheriff just the other day who used the n word in an interview and refused to apologize and resign until even Mitt Romney came forward and said he should resign. The cartoons we have seen that are in the most distasteful racist form but Joe doesn’t know about any of them. Sure.