Discussion: Scarborough Draws Comparison Between Cliven Bundy And George Zimmerman

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He doesn’t speak the truth very often, but this is one of those rare times.


That’s apt, Joe. < throws joe a cookie>

Try Posse Comitatus leader Gordon Kahl or Mormon child molester Warren Steed Jeff. Domestic terrorist with no fear of the law.


I have bad news for you, Joe. Cliven represents the views of mainstream republicans a lot more closely than you do.


Joe gets the ‘Stopped Clock’ award.


Is there anything worse than Joe Scarborough philosophizing? I think not.

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But thank god we have Joe to think things through for us. We’d all be lost without his brilliance.

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Bundy has more balls than most Republicans. He’s willing to use the words ‘negro’, ‘slaves’ that most Republicans would love to use but are afraid to.

Republicans gives the same message as Bundy but they say it in different ways.

So Clueless Joe is saying that Bundy would still be a hero if he hadn’t started talking about the “Negro problem”? And, by extension, that Zimmerman is no longer a hero for approximately the same reason?

Once again, it’s the fault of those shiftless, lazy darkies, bringing down good men. Same as they did with David Duke, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and a whole host of other fine, upstanding gentlemen. If they don’t like it here, why did the coloreds bother to come here in the first place? Slackers.

I’m ashamed that Morning Joe won’t call a spade a spade.

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Anything worse? How about:

Sarah Palin attempting to express a coherent thought.
Dick Cheney attempting to tell ANYONE how to conduct foreign policy.
Paul “Moocher” Ryan trying to tell America what its budget priorities should be.
Rush Limbaugh saying ANYTHING
Erick Erickson saying ANYTHING
Fat Nino Scalia trying to explain away his extralegal rulings and double/triple standards.

Modern conservatism: the insanity that keeps on giving …giving pain to the USA we once knew.

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“There’s nothing conservative about this man.”

No s**t, Sherlock, hope you had a nice nap. There’s nothing conservative about Republicans anymore. Patriotism, Christianity, genuine conservative values, etc. etc. etc.–these are all hats they wear to cover their bald racism and Randism, and the truth comes out at the drop of a hat.

Why are Republicons thought to be extremely smart when they make basic common sense comparisons?