Discussion: Scaramucci's Profanity-Ridden Tirade Tests Newsroom Leaders

There is some precedent. For example, WaPo quoted Cheney using the F word in 2004. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A3699-2004Jun24.html

ALL outlets, print, online, and TV, should print the words exactly as recorded by Lizza. No bleeps, no dashes, no euphamisms or “we cannot repeat the words on air.”

If you are concerned about the sensibilities of your readers/viewers or their children, you preface your report with, “The following contains vulgar language which may not be suitable for children. But since this is an official and direct quote from President Trump’s Communications Director, we do not think it is our role to edit or alter the comments in any way.”

If some poor deplorable has to scoot their kids out of the room, or explain some anatomical truths to them, GOOD! Let them see the complete clusterfuck they voted into office. I especially hope for the right-wing evangelical political base to see this crap on their big-screens. They voted into office a completely areligious, amoral hedonist and worshipper of Mammon. Now explain to your kids why the man on TV is talking about other men sucking their own cocks.

Over the air broadcasters can’t quote Mucci without risking FCC fines. I get that people on some cable news don’t ever use that sort of language and aren’t comfortable repeating it. Mucci’s fault for crating the problem but the public needs to know the sort of person Trump hires.