Discussion: Sanders: Yes, Bill Clinton's Past Behavior Was 'Deplorable'

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I would love to ask Andrea Mitchell how exactly this question helps the American people determine which candidate to support. Because it doesn’t. Which makes it a worthless question and she should be embarrassed for having asked it.


“I wouldn’t want anyone not to vote for Senator Kennedy because he’s catholic.”
—Richard Nixon


Andrea Mitchell has some nerve asking a question about Hillary’s husband.

I would love to ask her how she has the nerve to show her face when it was HER husband, Alan Greenspan the Fed Chairman, who presided over the worst financial debacle in history.

And his excuse was that he honestly believed that corporations would never do anything against their best interests.

At least Bill’s behavior didn’t lead to financial ruin for thousands of Americans.


They must be out there, but I can’t think of a sentence in which Andrea Mitchell is referenced to which could not be added the modifiying adjectives “loathsome” and “complicit”.

(Yes, I do not like Andrea Mitchell).


i know it’s a cheap shot, but i would have loved if sanders had rephrased it in terms of ‘you know andrea, just like i don’t hold you accountable for your husband’s, alan greenspan, complicity in the collapse of the world’s economy, i will not hold hillary clinton responsible for the atrocious behavior of her husband.’… :wink:


Oh man…


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meant to respond to mpower1952

i didn’t see this until i posted my comment… funny to see we’re on the same wavelength. maybe sanders should have worked that in somehow… lol

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In his defense, and I really hate saying that, he wasn’t wrong. They mostly got bailed out, removed 1 or 2 pesky competitors and emerged bigger and with higher profits. So I have to say, it was indeed in their best interests.


Handled with tact and class, just like the e-mail thing. Does it win him any votes? I don’t know, and I think Bernie genuinely doesn’t care. I think he sincerely would much rather lose to Hillary, than win by mudslinging. Some would say that kind of restraint shows weakness. As Bernie is fond of saying “I strongly disagree.”


the panty-sniffers will always prefer to sniff panties and, of course, are disappointed that sanders doesn’t engage this bullshit; but most people are sick and tired of the subject and want to see the serious issues confronting this country addressed.


But even the ones that got bailouts were pretty damaged, and others didn’t make it. Part of the problem is that what was done was usually in the personal interests of the people running the corporations, not the corporation as an institution. Which is pretty much the entire problem with American business today, not just on Wall Street.


Had he been Jewish, however…

Andrea Mitchell is a self-absorbed pseudo-journalist who far too often turns her opportunities to ask thoughtful questions into a narcissistic occasion to make a speech of her own and/or to try and drag her subject into the mud with her. Objectivity is an non-existent quality of her work.


Bernie is an old school gentleman, in the best possible way, as opposed to the thugs in the GOP! It is a sign of GOP desperation that they drag out old Clinton sex scandals. Fact is: she is the most qualified person to be President! Bill is not running for anything again, hello! He might be invaluable for economic advice though. Imagine a Hillary/Trump debate on the issues that matter to America…


Her hubby is Allen Geenspan, for fuck’s sake. Talk about a tool of Wall Stret!

Her hubby is Alan Greenspan, one of the architects of former and upcoming financial crises…

Bernie Sanders has more class than the combined GOP field…


Though that’s a pretty low bar.


I think that was part of the point mpower1952 was making. To the extent that some of the banks failed (Lehman Bros., Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch), sure, their behavior clearly wasn’t in their best interest; to the extent that others were bailed out, Greenspan’s excuse looks, at best, misleading, and, at worst, idiotic.