Discussion: Sanders Touts Endorsing Jesse Jackson In '88 Amid Fight Over Civil Rights Cred

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Poor Jesse, I hope the campaign got his permission first. I can’t imagine he wants to be the kibble in a kitty fight…

Wow, hit that link and read the whole thing. It’s the pretty much the same 25-second speech Sanders is still giving, except I guess the free college thing came later: against income inequality, for free health care, reduce military spending.

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I definitely plan to vote for Bernie but Jessie Jackson caries no weight with anyone these days. I doubt anyone under 30 knows who he is and if they do it as the father of the guy who went to jail for blowing federal money on buying Prince’s guitar.

Endorsing a no-chance candidate when you’re a small city mayor is a way to make a principled point, but it’s not exactly what I’d call showing leadership.

I was thrilled back then that Jackson was running, and could get some press coverage and so try to get some serious issues out there for public discussion. But then, as in every other election, I gave my actual backing (entirely personal; I was not then anybody anybody else listened to) to candidates I actually believed had a chance of winning AND then doing good things in office.

Standing on the right side of this or that issue matters, of course. But accomplishing anything good requires working with other people to get elected.

In other words, Senator Sanders, I’m not impressed.


And once again not really about race relations. You can have good income equality and health care and still be racist (not saying in any way Sanders is racist, just that income equality and racism are different things).


Maybe a lot of people under 30 ought to learn who Jesse Jackson was back in the day: An important figure in civil rights deserves to be remembered for far more than the misdeeds of his son.



Not everything is economics and finance, as Sanders apparently believes. Thereare prejudices of all sorts that have absolutely nothing to do with dollars and cents.

ICYMI, a certain presidential candidate has been going around repeating the same 25-second speech over and over:

"Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama knows what he’s doing. I know exactly what he’s doing. Barack Obama is failing to make a systematic effort to change this country, to make America more like the rest of the world.

"He passed Obamacare, but I’ll start over and pass Medicare-for-all. He passed the stimulus, but I’ll soak the rich to fund infrastructure jobs. He passed Dodd-Frank, but I’ll somehow punish Wall Street and banks even more. He got the deal with Iran, but … I got nothing on that, actually.

“My point is, unlike Barack Obama, I’ll make a systematic effort to change America. When I’m president of the United States, we are going to embrace all the things that made Denmark the greatest nation in the world and we are going to leave our children with what they deserve: free health care and free college.”

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Lewis’ carefully scripted “I never saw him” coupled with his dishonest implication that Hillary and Bill Clinton were active in civil rights causes in the sixties and seventies was an unfortunate blow to his legacy. Just endorse your favorite, sir. The Sanders campaign has been given the opening to completely take HRC apart regarding her Goldwater Girl days and her absence from social justice issues up until Bill got active with the DLC. A real bungle by her campaign strategists. Sanders can prove he’s been on this train a lot longer than either Clinton–or can either Clinton provide proof that they were on it, too? We’re waiting.

She was a “Goldwater girl” when she was in high school and living with her parents, then went left when she was no longer living at home. She organized a strike to get her college to accept more minorities students and staff years before she met Bill. Like it or not Hillary does have a substantial civil rights record, i know its hard to believe for some Sanders supports but she does.


Yes, she does. She does indeed.

He was answering a question from a reporter. And really the abuse that Senator Sanders supporters was throwing at Lewis, was realyl dirty. Some were calling him a liar.

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he was obviously just pandering to the 3 black voters in vermont.

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The ugliness of the discussion surrounding this non-issue will not serve either candidate well. I suggest that TPM should stop picking at this scab of a story unless they think it will serve the liberal cause.

And has Jesse endorsed him back?

This seems like a “Look, I have black friends.” This is the only photo he could find of himself with a black person before 2007 lol

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I wonder who the Clintons supported in that race, if anyone. Bill would have been Governor of Arkansas at the time.

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