Discussion: Sanders Hits O’Malley: Baltimore Isn't 'One Of The Safest Cities' In America

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Nice NRA talking point there Sanders.


Meh. What Bernie said was certainly true, but why bother? O’Malley isn’t getting any traction anyway. Seemed like Bernie was just cranky at being ganged up on on the gun issue, saw an opening, and took it. In any case, O’Malley walked right into it.

I like that Gov O’Malley has changed the terminology from “gun control” to “gun saftey.” If Democrates want to start to turn the tide of the NRA controlling any discussion of guns they need to find new ways of discussing the issue. It would seem using the term Gun Saftey is a very good start.


Sanders Takes A Swipe At O’Mally On Gun Control: Baltimore Isn’t Very Safe

What does it say about TPM when they can’t even spell Martin O’Malley’s name correctly in the headline? I’ll tell you what it says to me: We at TPM are so careless and sloppy, you would be a fool to put your trust in anything you read here.

You left Brooklyn to become mayor of Burlington, population is a whopping 40,000? The whole state of Vermont doesn’t even have real a city. People who live in cities (most of us) don’t take cues from yokels. You should know better than to spread that kind of shit, Bernie.

Bernie wants to leave it up to states to decide how strict their gun laws will be, which seems to me to be a tad insensitive to the concerns of impoverished urban families who have to live with the constant fear of gun violence every single day due to the presence of guns brought in to their neighborhoods from states with loosey-goosey laws. That snipe of his towards O’Malley is no surprise.