Discussion: Sanders Campaign Maintains DNC Holds Responsibility For Data Breach

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Umm…why is this still a thing?


Because Sanders is way behind and needs something to be a “thing”, if it doesn’t work then the campiang manger will also be found out to be a DNC plant by Hillary to take down the noble Sanders.


I don’t have a ton of faith in the DNC, but this is the wrong angle. A good faith recommendation of someone for a position, in and of itself, should not make you liable for their actions. After all, it’s almost impossible to truly know another individual.

They’re suggesting this person was a spy for the DNC and involved in a conspiracy. Very serious allegations. If they have evidence to this effect, I’d be willing to reconsider. Otherwise, it’s disgraceful.


Conspiracy theories are best left to Republicans.




Because they are playing to Sander’s base…which unfortunately has a lot of firedoglake followers who eat these type of conspiracy theories up with a spoon.

I get the distinct impression that Sanders the man, and his campaign staff are not on the same page. I am also pretty sure that his campaign manager would light his hair on fire and blame it on Hillary if he actually had any hair to set on fire.


There’s a whole lot of pathetic desperation in all this. Is there nobody smart enough in the Sanders campaign to recognize that all this whining does them absolutely no good?


Sanders Campaign Maintains DNC Holds Responsibility For Data Breach

Well yes and no…

Yes — DNC committed a breach by not securing the data, something we in IT started doing way way way back in the 50s. Question is were they being (1) cheap or (2) looking to set someone up?

No — Those that accessed the data have basic ethical issues. The least they should have done is report the security issue and continue to report it at least weekly until fixed. Because they accessed the data they deserved to be fired.


The fact that this was not the first time that breaches had occurred during NGP VAN’s contract yet is still working for the DNC is proof enough that DWS is an incompetent hack who has no more business running the DNC than I do teaching theoretical physics. That said, I don’t think she’s smart enough to pull off such a wild conspiracy.


I think this may just be the Sanders campaign milking a fundraising cow dry.


Because the Sanders campaign thinks it can still raise more money off of it.

So much for focusing on issues.


So it’s the homeowners fault for not knowing the door was unlocked?


It becomes more Trump-esque trutherism, every time they attempt an excuse.


Because anyone with a nose can smell the Clinton political machine.


Caitlin, as usual, wrote an incomplete story. DWS is not an “incompetent hack”, she’s just a self serving one. In the DWS world, DWS comes before the party.

Rarely mentioned in corporate news is how swiftly the DNC punished the Bernie Sanders campaign for the data breach. Sanders’s team released a copy of the lawsuit which outlines the contract. On page four of the lawsuit, one of the facts of the case lists termination agreements.

“Either party may terminate this Agreement in the event that the other party breaches this Agreement; the non-breaching party sends written notice to the breaching party describing the breach; and the breaching party does not cure the breach to the satisfaction of the non-breaching party within ten (10) calendar days following its receipt of such notice.”

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC breached the contract by suspending Bernie Sanders’s campaign from access to voter data without giving them the necessary 10 days to remedy the problem. According to points 14 and 15 in the lawsuit, the contract between the campaign and the DNC does not permit suspensions of access without notice, nor does it permit termination or suspension without allowing the offending party to resolve any issues.

Myself, I am bored with this story already. After it has a chance to marinate for a least a month, or up to 3 or 4 months, it will get more interesting, or fade. I doubt Bernie can win the general, so I hope it goes away.



@bonvivant About DWS:

The new president will nominate the next chair of the DNC, and she (or he) must act to replace DWS pronto. She’s getting to be the Katherine Harris of the Democratic party, and that’s intolerable. The NYT wrote an editorial very critical of her, and that will be just the first of more official condemnation to come



They haven’t pulled it off yet. Be patient. The truth will emerge.

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Why are you?


Then have the investigation and find out the truth instead of whining about making “very serious allegations”. Damn straight it’s serious. And the truth will come out.