Discussion: Sanders And Clinton Clash Over The Fate Of Obamacare

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It’s not working for her.

He’s coming off as speaking from the heart and she looks like she’s spouting rehearsed lines that are carefully delineated.


I just don’t believe this argument will fly with most Americans. For better or worse, the fact is America is NOT any of those countries. There are way too many differences. Progressives can claim that there’s some kind of desire to make us more like them but there’s no evidence of that in sight.


If you followed what it took to get the affordable care act through congress when the dems controlled the house and the senate it is impossible to imagine getting single payer through the congress when it is controlled by the GOP. they are spending all their time trying to repeal obamacare.they are not trying to repeal the ACA so they can introduce a single payer system… on the other hand if they could be convinced to support a single payer system then they could claim credit for it. Of course it would have to operate as an improvement over Obamacare. Ya think???


I think I can fairly say, yes, I followed it.
Do you remember just how short a time that Obama actually had with that majority with recesses and the backstabbing of the Blue Dogs?


There is no way the insurance companies will ever let us have single payer. I love Bernie, but we should not lose what we have trying to get the perfect.


Why should we believe that it will be lost while we fight for a better system?

I keep hearing this and it makes no sense to me.


I disagree. I think she is doing a great job of explaining her plan to build on the ACA and also why Bernie’s plan is simply not going to happen.


I think they are both doing great. I’m amazed that any decently intelligent human being who calls themselves an independent or an undecided, cannot see how much more thoughtful, intelligent and adult our candidates are than the republicans. I can’t fathom it! I. Can’t. Fathom. It.


He has zero content to his preaching. Fight the power! That’s the length breadth and depth of his campaign.


Sounds good to me.

Also, America is very large, diverse and not nearly as homogeneous as any European country.


If we open up this can of worms. The congress will repeal it, limb and root. Just like my senator turtle has promised.


I keep wondering how people are saying that Bernie’s plans are great but can never get through the Republican Congress,

If Hillary is such a progressive how do her programs get through?


It is actually the precise wording in his bill. I can’t find it now because I’m too tired but I’ll try to post it tomorrow. The wording included getting rid of the ACA, MEDICARE, Medicaid, & SCHIP as we transition to a single payer, universal healthcare program.


She’s doing terrific. I like that she has specifics whereas I have not heard one single specific proposal from Sanders. He’s preaching, not figuring out what happens after the election.


That’s the total opposite of what he explained in the first five minutes tonight.

I’m not familiar with anyone but the Clinton campaign interpreting his policy position that way.


I dunno if that’s totally fair, but who cares what I think? :smile: I’m going to support the nominee, regardless of who it is. They are both giving a good showing tonight. I just hope people are watching.


Here is the summary of his bill:

And here is a part of it:

"Shown Here:
Introduced in Senate (12/09/2013)

American Health Security Act of 2013 - Expresses the sense of the Senate concerning: (1) enactment of a Medicare-for-All Single Payer Health Care System; (2) recognition of health care as a human right; (3) state flexibility in designing health care programs; and (4) the goals of a new single-payer health care system, efficiencies through integrated care, and implementation of policies to ensure higher quality, better prevention, and lower per capita costs.

Establishes the State-Based American Health Security Program to provide every U.S. resident with health care services. Requires each participating state to establish a state health security program.

Eliminates benefits under: (1) titles XVIII (Medicare), XIX (Medicaid), and XXI (Children’s Health Insurance) (CHIP, formerly known as SCHIP) of the Social Security Act; (2) the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program; and (3) TRICARE.

Repeals provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) related to health insurance coverage, including provisions concerning state health insurance exchanges.

Requires each state health security program to prohibit the sale of health insurance in that state that duplicates benefits provided under the program."


The bill obviously proposes adoption of a better system while eliminated the existing.

If the one doesn’t pass then neither does the other,

It’s the same bill.