Discussion: S. Korea: Kim Commits To Summit With Trump, Denuclearization

To officially mark the occasion a commemorative coin has been struck.

Additionally, every member of the DPRK negotiating team have been issued itty bitty teeny tiny lapel pins.


Okay trump, you’re turn.
Go for the nobel prize and tweet out some B.S. for extra credit or just get out of the way and let them finish the deal on their own.
Either way, you are not necessary or needed for The Koreas to resolved this issue.
SO, Butt out
It will make the world a safer place.


“What Kim is unclear about is that he has concerns about whether his country can surely trust the United States over its promise to end hostile relations (with North Korea) and provide a security guarantee if they do denuclearization,” Moon said.

It’s Donald Fucking Trump, fer chis’sake. There should be no question in anyone’s mind whether they can “surely trust the United States.”


At this point it almost feels like Moon is, if not more so, as gullible as Trump…

Seriously dude, neither Trump or Kim are trustworthy, you should know this by now!

They are literally using you as a proxy to dick over each other.


he he …


Heavy Sigh.


At this point Kim can not give up his nukies. Two reasons: War President powers. John Bolton.

If he gets El Gordo down on his knees another time or two it will enhance his power and perhaps keep his generals in check. Otherwise there are a few million starving North Koreans who would love to make Kim stew out of their juicy tender well marbled Dear Leader. Game on!


I think Moon just wants to keep talks going - if they’re talking, they’re not shooting - and maybe the beginnings of any kind of deal being in place, at least until Trump and Bolton and the possible need to wag-the-dog because of Mueller are gone. Then, tensions will be lessened and maybe something more realistic and long-term can be worked out. I think he realizes the potential volatility of Trump and Kim. In the meantime, if Moon and Kim can develop more of a stable working relationship, and bring China into the mix, that’s good for everyone in the area. I’m not sure he expects much positive of the US as long as Trump is in office. But, he knows Trump can be played to stay in the game.


Kim may have needed a ‘win’ here as much as Trump but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he got backroom support and offers from Russia and China since it is clearly in their interests to keep the Ginger Git in power and making a mess of the US as long as possible.


The nation of Japan who I believe are on our side in this production can’t even trust that they will be protected from incoming chemical, biological, and nuclear tipped missiles if it would stroke DFT’s ego. The best resolution will come about after the two Korean leaders get together with their stake holders of China, Russia, and Japan and decide what they can live with, and then offer fatso a billion or so sized bribe to allow peace.

Loved your image of the smiling presidential families at the wake yesterday, btw.


Sun-Tzu strikes again:

“When enemy is shooting himself in foot, pass the ammo and stand back”

Or something like that, maybe it was something about throwing an anvil to floundering opponent…


“complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

I await Trump’s claim that he has denuclearized NK and then the media to loudly claim, “Trump denuclearizes NK” with an article that if you read between the lines and do the critical thinking the media failed to do, realizes that literally zero has changed since the very first time Trump called Kim Jong-un “Little Rocket Man”.


This news should make me extremely happy but it does not. There’s something odd about all this.

From firing off ICBMs to making nice and all in a few months?

And tRump?

There’s some shit coming down somewhere…


Donald Trump is not the sort of person you ever want in the room when high level negotiations are going on. I’ll be happy if this “summit” doesn’t result in an all out nuclear war-- not just with North Korea, but with Russia and China as well.


If Kim is playing for essentially the end of U.S. protection for the South, because he knows Trump would sign pretty much anything, will Bolton stand for it? And if he acts up, what does Trump do? Dump him? We haven’t heard much from Bolton about this that I recall since the summit was canceled. If he argues with Trump he may find himself on the sidewalk.


I’d guess he’ll call him “stache” in his twitter rants for a few days.

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Well, I guess Mitch McConnell’s playbook is good for something after all.

I read somewhere that Moon’s approval rating has shot up to 80%. That is probably driving his behavior.


Let us hear that directly from NK, shall we? Also, the definition of denuclearization may be different for different people.
Seems like the Rocket Man is trying to jerk around the Dotard one more time.