Discussion: Ryan Won't Say Whether Plan To Replace Obamacare Will Cover Free Birth Control (VIDEO)

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Someone needs to ask if he is ready to replace Obamacare on jan. 20.
My guess is that there IS a bill drafted.


Ryan continued to dodge the question, saying he could not provide “details about legislation that hasn’t been written yet."

The fuck…???

They’ve been talking about “repeal and replace” for 5 years and they don’t have anything drafted???
This is a key, important component and he can’t say that this will or won’t be included??

Is he serious? What the hell have they been doing the past several years, cuz as sure as hell they haven’t been working!!!


My guess is the affordable, good for next to nothing catastrophic plans won’t cover pregnancy…just like they used to.

And once you use the plan you’re dropped.


“I’m not going to get into hypotheticals about legislation that hasn’t even been drafted yet,” Ryan replied.

People’s lives are not “hypothetical,” you prick.


Ryan won’t say because he has stock the companies that produce IUDs and the amount of women running to their doctors to get on has skyrocketed. Got make the benjamins.


Scary. Very scary – and I wouldn’t doubt some in Congress will try it.


Yes they are, our lives have become commodities.


I can’t help but wonder, after hearing that Trump isn’t going to built the wall and doesn’t want to repeal Obamacare whole cloth and that he’s upset at his racist supporters attacking minorities- do any of his supporters have buyer’s remorse yet?


I can’t imagine that Trump plans to run for a 2nd term. Why would he? Winning the office once is the biggest prize already. Thus, he may not be invested in pleasing anyone in particular.

RePeaL anD rePlace!


Constitutional Amendments require a 2/3 vote in each house before going to the states. Conservatives don’t have the votes


Which, honestly, should have the GOP crapping their pants. Heck, a Trump Presidency should have them crapping their pants. People are already saying that Ryan’s going to move to impeach Trump in the first 100 days…of course, they forget that Schumer would still have to get the Democrats to vote for that, and it seems unlikely that the Dems would without some pretty hefty concessions.


Where did hear about Ryan planning to impeach Trump?
That’s not gonna happen. More likely to have a military coup to stop his itchy nuclear finger—which is itself far-fetched.

It was an analyst on CNN. Thing is, it wouldn’t surprise me. My own analysis of how things are likely to go between the GOP and Ryan says that Trump is likely to hurt the GOP broadly in most districts, especially when those jobs don’t reappear, and since the GOP is currently in power, they are likely to get blamed for it especially since McConnell has already admitted that most coal jobs are never coming back. I still put that as less likely than a major defection in the GOP ranks. To be honest, the best thing for the GOP right now would be to pressure the electors in those states which do not restrict the voting of electors to the results of their state and put Clinton into office.

I’m not saying that any of these possibilities are going to occur though.


I seriously doubt it. Obamacare IS the republican healthcare plan. That has always been the big stumbling block for the “replace” part of that rhetoric. The fall back position from there is laughable…insurance being sold across state lines and nothing else.

They can tweak the numbers some, and make some moves like this one to appease their base…but any significant new plans will take months (if not longer) to develop. Because once you start talking about replacing a healthcare plan, you start taking incoming from all sorts of constituents…Health insurance industry, Doctors and caregivers, Hospitals…and oh yeah…voters, with a myriad of organized groups. If you don’t at least listen to them, you end up pissing off everyone.

If anything, Trump musing about a “special session” of Congress to repeal Obamacare and replace it instantly is more or less a challenge and a “F__ Y__” to Ryan; an early attempt at making him squirm and to let him know his seat will be extremely hot for next 4 years (assuming he keeps Speaker).

Much more importantly, however…Ryan has to deal with passing a budget. In less than a month. Otherwise President Trump is being inaugurated with a shut down government.


Silly Person.
For the last 8 years they’ve been busy making Obama a one term president


Deceitful coward.


I just wish you all would get smart about language. Ask whether birth control is covered, not free. Even the headline says “Cover Free Birth Control” which is redundant. After all, you don’t talk about free appendectomies, do you?


Would never happen. They think they have an easily manipulated chump in the White House who will do their bidding.
Go ahead and prove me wrong Trump…and Bannon …and …Priebus