Discussion: Russian President Putin Urges Creation Of Broad Anti-Terror Coalition

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Putin mostly makes sense to me. Obama / Biden almost never make sense to me since they are both sold-out liars and cowards. Putin is a real leader, a super professional in politics. He deserves the international respect accorded to him. We have no leaders in the USA, and none who even speak honestly, with courage. Just about everything Obama has said since making (continuing with the dumdum dubya’s fiasco) the White House a Black House of Horror is a lie. Obama sold out instantly to the war machine. We all know he’d be assassinated by the CIA unless he kisses their … all the time. I support Putin’s ideas because he makes sense and is rational. I can’t say the same for any of our politicians except a very few who are constantly minimized by the fascist terrorist regime - Obama and his Wehrmacht / bankers / energy companies who are destroying our nation, world and planet.

RT makes Fox News look almost respectable.

I believe you. Not to your credit.

Putin: Russia needs to “cleanse” itself of homosexuality if it wants to increase its birth rate

After Putin’s re-election, the war against gays went national and, literally, viral on the internet. In October 2013, a Russian lawmaker introduced legislation in the Russian Parliament to forcibly remove children from the homes of their gay or lesbian parents on the ground that “nontraditional sexual orientation” was equivalent to child abuse. In the face of international condemnation and the pending Sochi Winter Olympics, the bill was withdrawn. But a law is on the books forbidding “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” among minors and is so broadly worded that Russian gay parents are frightened that they still will lose their children. Another law was passed forbidding adoption of Russian-born children by foreign gay couples or individuals living in countries that recognize same sex marriage. Yet another law was enacted that classifies “homosexual propaganda” as pornography.

Well since you never make any sense yourself, it stands to reason Putin makes sense to you.