Discussion: Rush Limbaugh Wins Children's Book Award

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His childish listeners will be happy.


Was this award in the Pedophilia category?


I shouldn’t be judgmental but Rush and Children’s books in the same sentence is just creepy.


Rush has been telling stories to Children all his life.


And of course the Tea Klux Klan parents of the kids who voted (if indeed it was kids who voted – how would anyone know?) had NO influence whatsoever on the tykes’ preferences.

I know people in that organization, the Children’s Book Council, and I’m pretty sure they’re prying open their office windows right now in an effort to jump out.


I get a “Forbidden 404” error wjhen I try to access cbcbooks.org
Anyone else?

I did see there is a “CBC Diversity Commitee” , which is one of five committees established by the Children’s Book Council. Their goal is to increase the diversity of voices and experiences contributing to children’s and young adult literature. They endeavor to encourage diversity of race, gender, geographical origin, sexual orientation, and class among both the creators of and the topics addressed by kid lit.

Which is odd because Rush - the person - is against diversity and has spoken out against the practice.
Hope his kids books don’t reflect his hate.

To be fair it was an online vote - what did they expect?

Drug addicted sex tourists who make millions spewing hate and sowing fear and anger for a living are excellent role models for our nation’s endangered youth. They have to be carefully taught, you see.


Look for ‘Rush Custer’s Last Stand’, in Christian bookstores Fall 2016.

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do you think the vote was stacked?
obviously some sort of voter ID should have been required


you forgot college flunk-out, anal cyst draft dodger.

Given that the voting was done online, how do we know that it was children who voted?


Me too. Probably someone tied him- or herself to their web server and jumped into the East River.


“Rushbo Has Two Chins”, great read.

This is really sweet. I hope Rush delves deeper into children’s literature… specifically the beloved book, “Go the F**ck to Sleep,” by Adam Mansbach.

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Anakin Lie-Walker, now more machine than man, will never let us forget that he was awarded for indoctrinating children into the Dark Side.

OMG!!! Earned on the basis of internet votes??? That’s like a team of dad’s taking it to a bunch of 5th graders in a game of dodgeball


Online voting. Same as getting people to flood star reviews on Amazon. Pathetic.

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