Discussion: Rudy: Trump Legal Team Should Get DOJ Memos On Alleged Campaign Informant

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Why? So that you can leak his/her name thus “outing” a clandestine agent and putting him/her at physical risk.

Remember Valerie Plame! Rudy, you too could be another Scooter Libby and wind up in a Club Fed.


Giuliani said, adding that memos documenting the informants findings should also “be made available to us on a confidential basis.”

We should be at least allowed to read them so we know this exculpatory evidence is being preserved,” he said.

now this situation might have changed, but until then…


Doesn’t discovery take place after the indictments?


And I want a pony.


“It was also agreed that White House Chief of Staff Kelly will immediately set up a meeting with the FBI, DOJ, and DNI together with Congressional Leaders to review highly classified and other information they have requested,” she said.

That could either be an elaborate way of stretching the truth, better known as a LIE on Sarah Suckableep’s part, or someone agreed to something no one in their right mind, who was in charge of watching over justice in the country, should have ever agreed to. I prefer to go with the former, just because this shitshow never seems to end, and I’m soooo tired of all the bullshit efforts by fucking megalomaniacs trying to obstruct justice on a constant basis.

You don’t give away information in an ongoing investigation, no matter what this WH wants, to a potential target of that investigation, hoping against hope that it won’t get leaked. How dumb are these people anyway?


So law enforcement (literally) investigating Russian spies in the Trump campaign should give absolutely everything they have to Trump.

But the suspect’s tax returns and bank records should be off limits, he gets to plead the Fifth, and he claims absolute immunity from indictment – or even subpoena.

Seems fair enough.


It’s good to be King.


You forgot his pardon powers to absolve everyone involved of committing treasonous acts so that he and his criminal enterprise can get away with breaking the law, and help him avoid criminal prosecution.


Perhaps, but more likely so that Chiselin’ Trump’s legal team can find out what has already been reported to Mueller, so that they can “get their facts straight” before Chiselin’ Trump meets with Mueller.


Yes, Wallace and crew were discussing this earlier. Michael Steele said that the Trump mob didn’t really care about the legal stuff, but for some reason, he doesn’t think the Trump lawyers were ever let in on what they were doing.

Now isn’t that special.

Good grief.


CLEARLY, you miserable fk, you ‘think’ you are more important than you are. You are a ‘personal’ lawyer for Trump. You ain’t SHT as far as the government goes.


Oh, yes. Let’s give classified information to a semi-senile old blabbermouth.


Now you made me go listen to Mel Brook’s rap of that name.

My favorite line in the song is “ladies in waiting I didn’t wait to get”!


At some point, Dems may have to release, in spite of the consequences, everything they know to the public.


““We should be at least allowed to read them so we know this exculpatory evidence is being preserved,””

Nope. You’re only entitled to it and the prosecutor only has a duty to turn it over to you if you are charged.

As to whether it’s actually exculpatory: Mueller’s still employed as special counsel.

What they want it for is so they can begin the PR-stunt media blitz now, instead of having to wait until Trump is actually facing charges. They want that jury pool so fucking tainted by publicly disseminated misinformation that there will be no way in hell to ever get a verdict, as the one sleeper Trump mole on the jury will always hang it.


If Rudy says the evidence is exculpatory, you know that it’s pretty damning…


Grassley knows what Feinstein knows.

How’s that ethanol thing going for ya, Chuck?


Well, as long as we are commenting on the words and actions of an idiot - the Trump/GOP association is pretty well inferred just by the usage of the term “idiot” - I have to go a little OT to report on one of the major idiots in my state of Tennessee: Rep. Diane Black, a shitbrained Teabagger who, along with helium-headed Tennessee congressperson (and I use the word “person” loosely) MarshaMarshaMarsha Blackburn, keeps alive the stereotype that blondes are more stupid than the average human being - of course, in this case, the average human being would have been dead for the past 25 years.
Ms. Black, who has the intelligence of Saran Wrap, has decided that we must have crowdfunding for Trump’s $20B ($100B after the grift and graft) border wall. She oh-so-wishes that the evil, rapey, druggy nation of Mexico would pay for it, like her hero Dickless Donald promised they would, but until we can nuke Guadalajara to show those greasy mofos that we mean business, personal donations from her fellow Teatards will do the trick. Why, we can even put up commemorative plaques for every person who donates! It’ll be just like the Vietnam War Memorial, but for stupid.


That was epic and should be saved for posterity. :laughing: