Discussion: Rubio Campaign Video Highlights Bush's Early Praise For The Senator

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Oh, I do love to watch them eat their own…

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I get that Rubio’s abortion stance is completely unpalatable to the General electorate. But its exactly what the right wing base wants to hear. So any attack JEB tries to launch on that is guaranteed to blow up in his face.

The man seems to be trying to hard to destroy his own campaign, I am half way expecting him to stagger on stage tonight with an under age prostitute under one arm and a half empty bottle of moonshine in the other, and a crack pipe hanging out of his mouth.


Oh please, oh please, oh please start asking the Republicans about rape again.


They bite…

“Bush’s praise before he knew better.”


Jeb! expected Marco to be a good little chico and wait his turn and never challenge him. But if Jeb! knew anything about Cuban politics he would have known better


I can’t imagine either one as president, but, Rubio is more of a twit.


Swift Boating has gone down the family memory hole.

[Rube’s people] are also telegraphing a warning that has already reached many of Mr. Bush’s donors: Such an assault, they argue, would be beneath the dignity of the Bush name.


Me too. I kind of hope these two extremely well-financed campaigns wind up going full on war against one another, splitting the establishment vote in two, and bloodying the other so badly that they destroy the other man’s chances of winning the nomination.


They hate each other. For once Trump is right, they hate each other.

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“Praising with Bush’s Praise”

The vernacular welcomes it’s newest insult.

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That’s rather likely from my perspective if Bush pursues his intended lines of attack. At best, he brings down Rubio a few notches, but it does nothing for him. It might even hurt him, as the Rubio campaign has already shielded themselves by preemptively calling out the Bush campaign for these attacks.

And the fact still remains…that Bush is just not the sort that can carry out this sort of campaign well. He has clung to the persona of the nice guy above the fray too long. If he takes off the gloves and wades into the mud, it seems contrived. And if they get really nasty, its not like Bush is a freaking angel. By and large he has only had to deal with the problems of his last name (very badly). JEB personally is an extremely target rich environment if Rubio wishes to go there.

But either way, neither candidate, trailing as far back as they are, can afford a lengthy slap fest with each other. They need one or the other to go away quickly, so they can focus their attention on the real issue…bringing down Trump and Carson…and possibly Cruz.

This Right to Rise campaign is going to not end well for John Bush the Acronym ¿Jeb? It might accelerated John’s slide more than his recent New Hampshire ad campaign that caused poll numbers to slip several points.

Has anyone else seen that Je! (“b” omitted to achieve 40% cost reduction) failed to buy the jebcanfixit domain name?


… in the video, Bush says he’s “a huge Marco fan.”

Yea, but Trump is a Huuuuuuuge fan!

All conservatives believe in the government regulation of pregnancy.

I don’t know what you posted, Jalus…But I probably agree.

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As far as I can tell no one cares what Bush has to say.

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