Discussion: Roseanne Fallout: Dropped By Comedy Channel And Agents, More Tweets

So … you’re sorry … not sorry? I’m confused, but in the spirit of your apology, I’m sorry I never watched your show. Ever. Forgive me.

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I love how everyone associated with Roseanne is shocked, SHOCKED to discover she’s a vile, racist pig.


I didn’t watch the new show. Not because she was a Trump supporter. But because she was tweeting about how Hillary was running a child sex ring from the basement of a pizza shop.

It was obvious that she either had dementia or was flat out bonkers before the show.


Just waiting for Donald to tweet his support and admiration for Roseanne and attack the media for her choices and consequences. It’s 2018 racists have to band together. After all she’s ‘fine people’ right Dotard?


Frankly surprised Fox hasn’t picked it up.


One more clear example that you have to parse every word when there are liberal snowflakes around who may be offended. By the way, I just checked and there is no Constitutional right not to be offended. I wouldn’t watch ABC again to see Trump lynched. Sad.

I’m sorry- what about this tweet is so much more offensive than her tweets before and her subscription to vile conspiracy theories. This tweet is awful. But Roseanne is awful. She has always been awful. This is not new. So what changed at ABC?


“I’m the victim here. I should be free to express racist and bigoted comments and beliefs without consequence. There is a Constitutional 1st Amendment right to have a TV show and not have it cancelled.”


I just checked, and there’s nothing in the Constitution about being free from the consequences of one’s actions, or prohibiting a private entity from ceasing their private, contractual relationship with a racist.

Does that trigger you, little Trumptard Snowflake?


For a full display of offended snowflakery, visit your buds over at Breitbart.

Oh, the subhumanity!


In defense of Ms. Barr, it’s hard to tell the difference between racist tweets that get you fired and racist tweets that get you elected president.


Yes, because it requires parsing when comparing a black person to a muslim ape. By the way, the First Amendment is against making certain speech illegal.


-Wakes up nursing a hangover-

Sorry, had a little too much fun considering the asshole got herself canceled.

To the matter at hand, this is yet another example of why trying to win over the Trump crowd is so stupid. ABC thought they could get a new demo, but numbers for the show fell off and Barr could not even soften her racism. Once again someone thought greed would override racism, but Barr could not be pragmatically greedy. Good fucking riddance


‘While I admire the way you have kept your head above the waves after you were tossed overboard, I see no useful purpose in my jumping in after you. NEXT!’


I apologize if any Roseanne supporters were offended at my appreciation for what ABC did in response to her tweet and conditional apology. If anyone is offended, I am sorry that anyone took offense.


That’s what the RW never understands about the First Amendment: it protects your right to free speech, but it doesn’t protect you from other peoples’ right to call you an asshole for what you say.
But what do you expect from a group of people who think Trump killed Osama Bin Laden?


It occurs to me that this is really not a first amendment issue. It’s a civility issue. Civility is not political correctness. Civility:

formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech.
“I hope we can treat each other with civility and respect”
synonyms: courtesy, courteousness, politeness, good manners, graciousness, consideration, respect, politesse, comity
“he treated me with civility”

As Americans, we have lost this characteristic. This whole thing with Roseanne is an extreme example and the Right would come at me for this accusation with all their ‘Whataboutism’, which would just prove my point.

If this is part of making America great again, I don’t want it.


There are good people on both sides of Roseanne’s fat, racist ass.

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Viacom and Hulu also yanked all of her reruns. So much for those syndication residuals.