Discussion: Rob Ford Reportedly Took A Plane To Chicago, Landed, Then Turned Around

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Touch ‘n’ go pretty much sums up RobFord.


Honestly, this has become such a soap opera, that I fully expect when Rob Ford comes back from rehab, he’ll be played by a completely different person.

And nobody in his family will notice the difference.

It’s amazing to me the idiots who get elected to high positions. I’ll never figure that out.

I still cannot believe how much he looks like Chris Farley. It’s spooky. Are we sure he died and didn’t just fake his death and go into Canadian politics?

The post in Josh Marshall’s TPMEDITORS’ Blog with the link to this is headlined:

We Need More Comedy, Not Less

Rob Ford is at extremely high risk of dying from a drug overdose or the complications of morbid obesity.

Joking about it enables Ford to deny how seriously ill he is and how much he needs help now.

Nothing comedic in that.

“Per se” - in other words, when the Customs guys pissed themselves laughing at Ford’s coke- and feces-smeared passport, his bodyguard decided it would be better to just have the plane fly them to Quebec and tell Ford he was in Chicago…

Apparently Hizzoner the mayor has decided to bail on rehab, which is what anyone who is in complete denial about his addiction would do.

ESPN is reporting that Chicago traded mayors with Toronto for an unannounced number of high draft picks and cash.