Discussion: Residents Flee Gaza As Israel Widens Ground Offensive

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You have two tragedies going on here with two very different responses,both have people dying.The Hammas /Israeli conflict and the Malaysian plane being shot down.And each has been carried out by man.There needs to be IMHO as much outrage and fervor to get answers to both of these situation.ASAP.

Congratulations to the IDF for successfully terrorizing 1.9 million people who are penned up inside a 140 square-mile prison camp with no way out.

A Great Moment In Human History, to be sure…


What kind of lie is the title to this article. “Residents Flee Gaza”
Where did they go? Every part of the Gaza Strip is under attack. There is literally no where to run and no where to hide.

If they were allowed to at least evacuate the women and children, the aged and infirm to the West Bank, then there would in fact be no place to hide for the Hamas fighters who decide to stay and fight.

So why hasn’t Israel and Abbas put that on the table?


All Hail Israel! Our government just can’t give them enough love and MILITARY ARMS!

Any chance that Israel would open its border to let these refugees escape the Israeli military action?

Uhh, no.

The Israelis killed over a hundred people just today. That plane thing is old news.

  1. The UN already has a large relief presence in Gaza. Approve enough UN peacekeepers (largely US and Canadian) to police the northern areas and stop the “Hamas” missiles. Take away Israel’s excuse for violence and economic sanctions.

  2. Let the US adopt Gaza and the West Bank as American protectorates. The US will guarantee Israel that these areas will no longer pose “existential” terrorist threats. Pay for the cost of administering the protectorates by redirecting US military aid for Israel. This should preclude further settlement expansion and IDF attacks/incursions.

  3. It’s been long joked that Israel is or should be the US’ 51st state. Instead, let the Palestinian territorys apply for US statehood. Then the US and Israel can negotiate directly about land, settlements and Jerusalem status. With Israel cocooned by US territory and citizens, it should have no “existential” qualms about returning to the Green Line.

Let’s just end the Zionist experiment and be done with it.