Discussion: Republicans' Medicaid Rollback Collides With Opioid Epidemic

Just because the opioid epidemic effects Red states much harder is no reason their Senators and Representatives can’t make sure it doesn’t adversely effect what’s important: The bottom line at Purdue Pharm L.P.

Tax cuts all 'round, boys!


Opioids put the “HI” in OHIO!

Way to screw yourselves, Donnie voters, Governor Kasich, Senator Portman, etc…

Might as well just call them Ohiopioids… Change the Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland “Fentanyls”?


”Medicaid expansion accounted for 61 percent of total Medicaid spending on substance abuse treatment…”

“…just in Rush Limbaugh’s household alone.”


That’s healthcare though. It’s not a major (or even a minor) concern for them beyond what they can grift and scam from it.

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