Discussion: Republican Todd Young Projected To Win Indiana Senate Seat

There are reasons they’re called Hoosiers. This is one.

Fucking Evan Blue-dog Third Way DLC Lobbyist D running in a year when “insider” was a toxic label. Who the fuck thought he was gonna waltz right back in like it was 1998 again?

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That’s bad. Probably a 50-50 Senate at best now.

$45 million in state spending on this race? Holy shit. That’s one hell of a way to buy a Senate seat. Pathetic. This guy Young looks like a dork.

I wonder if this means that Dems have lost the midwest in general permanently? The demographics are no longer favoring us at all. I despised Bayh as well but I not sure we could’ve put up a better Dem candidate.

Midwest? I’m in Illinois. We’re doing fine for Dems. Maybe you should look at Virginia right now.

Edit: Let me just add, brooklyn, that the NYT reports that HRC has a 50% change now of winning. You, among many others here, have told me for months that HRC had the best chance for beating Trump. I felt that HRC was a lousy candidate who was a dangerous choice to be our party’s nominee. Even if she pulls it off, will you admit now that you were wrong?