Discussion: Reports: Top GOPer To Endorse Dem In Louisiana Guv Race Over David Vitter

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That’s brave. If brave means your party is already 12 points in the hole and probably going to lose anyway. What’s a little payback when it costs you nothing.



It’s driving a silver nail into the coffin of a blood sucker at a significant cost to yourself. It may not be needed but you want to be sure.

I applaud the decision. More Republicans need to have the guts to start reining in their crazies.


Fair point.

It works for me. I have been mildly optimistic about this race; this moves me up to moderately optimistic.

I’m glad he did it, I’m just criticizing his motivations. I want them to stand against the crazy because they should, not when it’s easiest.

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I understand.

I still accept gifts on my birthday from people I don’t like, however. So I will take this one, too.


Louisiana may be shaking off Bobby and friends. Stupid smart move.

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Vitter the Shitter just shat.

Diaper Dave needs a changing.

Does Vitter even care, Depends?

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I’ll take easiest for setting the precedent, 'cause a lot of people won’t realize the opportunism in it. Then it becomes easier for them to do the same later when it is the right thing to do.


Oh, make no mistake, this will cost. He will be challenged from the right next go-around and they will mercilessly bludgeon him with this.

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What is the Democratic GOTV effort like down there? Forget about the polls – we saw how wrong they were with the Kentucky gubernatorial election this week. We know that Vitter’s base will turn out for him. Will Bel Edwards’ base?

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Read this at Political Wire.

“Endorsing a Democrat in a high-stakes general election carries significant risk for the Republican Dardenne’s future political career, particularly if Vitter is ultimately elected governor. But Dardenne has said he has no plans to run for political office beyond his campaign for governor.”


Why do this? Is Vitter suddenly not the man he was when he was elected to the Senate?

"The endorsement would be a blow to Vitter..."

In that case, he’ll be all for it.


Ah, well then, this might just be a freeby for him haha

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Vitter must be even more corrupt than we now know.

Top GOPer Crosses Party Lines To Endorse Vitter’s Dem Opponent.


I am now prepared to throw my whole weight behind Vitter.

(the over-the-top Latino support should finish him off)

dam I would have never expected this from one of the republicons in my state hey maybe their is a flying speghetii monster ,Ithought he was invisible and made up … who knew