Discussion: Reports: 3 Injured In Shooting At Indianapolis Mall, Suspect At Large

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Maybe when big business starts to whine that no one is going to mall anymore to buy their plastic,made in China junk because they are afraid of getting shot something will get done about guns. They have more money then the NRA and can buy more votes.

Eggshells versus gun shells.
I think most customer facing businesses are hesitant to make waves.The NRA can whip their members into boycotts.

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If all mall employees were armed, events like this wouldn’t happen.

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Actually, you may be on to something, albeit in an indirect way. The only thing that’s going to change Republican thinking on the gun issue is money. When big corporations can make it clear that having guns everywhere is bad for business and is causing profits to suffer, we’ll see a change.


The guy was exercising his constitutional right to shoot at the target on the front of that Target. The collateral injuries are unfortunate but necessary. Besides nobody died, so I’m not sure why the libs want to make a big deal of this.

If targets were outlawed, only outlaws would get target practice.

Similarly, we may see blowback from law enforcement agencies because so many trivial crime stops results in officers getting shot (and vice versa, of course). When enough of these law enforcement agencies realize that the streets and themselves are safer with gun control, the law enforcement agencies / organizations will be more adamant that guns are controlled, if no other reason than to protect themselves, not the civilians. I think some of this strategy is now in the news. The obvious fact is that fewer guns means more safety for law enforcement. Clearly, however, as is, anyone can buy a gun, no matter what, if you know where to look for one. One baby step at a time is the most we can hope for at this point to achieve any significant gun control.

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