Discussion: Report: Slain Oregon Rancher Defied Police Order To Surrender

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And then the tinfoil hat brigade will claim that the SWAT team video is doctored. They believe that Planned Parenthood videos are real and SWAT team videos are fake.

It’s an apocalyptic death cult.


suicide by cop, as long suspected


This was SUICIDE BY COP. He swore he’d never be taken alive.


Sorry it came to this. But, it seems like he got a fairer deal than Tamir Rice did.


Who cares? This guy served no purpose. Just “patriot” white trash. Too bad he’s the only one.


Indeed. He knew and chose his fate.

They should release the video in all its gory detail so these wackjobs can simmer down.


A martyr to the cause of stupidity and grandiosity- a lethal combination.

I’ll save my compassion for the poor bastard who had to do his job and now live with having killed a man.


They’re stalling until the sound stage in Van Nuys is finished where they’ll film the bogus reenactment. Spielburg will helm the project, Tom Cruise (in heavy makeup) will play Finicum. He’ll burst forth from the disabled van holding a Bible aloft, no weapon to be seen. A close up will reveal him bleeding out as he mutters “George Washington, George Washington, arghhhh…”


So Bundy was a pussy for surrendering but finicum is a hero for surrendering( in the rwnj telling)??


This is nonsense. No red-blooded American patriot keeps his gun in his waistband. He uses a holster like John Wayne.


If they release the video the nutters will not only be claiming it was doctored, they’ll be screaming about the invasion of privacy…

I’m still freaked out by the presence of Victoria Sharp. I think I have the timeline sussed out and her mom and siblings were already at (or heading to) the Grant County meeting to sing and whatever. So Victoria basically bummed a ride with Death Wish McGee here. I know she’s 18 and the mom seems batshit anyway, but damn, lady, show some judgment and don’t let your daughter get into the middle of that.


Release the hounds, uh…er, video! Show the “shot up” vehicle on every news station in the god damned country.


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Well…beats Stalingrad.

Russkies…yall got outDONE!!! That Tyranny can take a HIKE!! :grimacing:

Just release the video. Now. I have no doubt that the shooting was justified, but videos of cops killing people should always be released, and sooner is always better than later.


That momma bus left the road, crashed through the railing, and leapt over the cliff long ago.

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To the irritation of a lot of people, the FBI have been bending over backwards trying not to create any martyrs from this bunch. I am speculating, but it seems like every law enforcement officer involved in this operation was told how important it was not to shoot anyone unless they were actually threatened with a firearm. Which, of course, they all knew these individuals to be carrying, since they had repeatedly threatened to shoot anyone who tried to stop them. I believe they might have continued shooting even after he was DOWN, but I do not believe they shot him after he put his hands up and said he was surrendering. Not without videotape.


Yeah, right. Like they had authority to make him stop in the first place. Was he even a County Sheriff?