Discussion: Report: Manafort Alerted Authorities To Trump Jr. Meeting Three Months Ago


That was Manafort’s initial proffer–and yet the Feds rejected it. Tells you two things:

(1) They really, really want Manafort: probably because of his complicity in murder and treason;

(2) They still think (per no-knock warrant executed last month) they can get Manafort to flip on Trump.

In both of the above: Feds are correct.



Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Donnie, it tolls for thee.


So the media needs to stop claiming that it was Kushner that caused this info to get out. Kushner only updated his docs once he was forced to.


He looks tough, but that canary has a beautiful singing voice!


If my calendar is correct - and I have no reason to suspect it’s not - 3 months ago is about the same time that Tramp fired Comey, who was already deep into the Manafort investigation. Coincidence? I think not.


It was a cascading effect. Manafort turning over his notes, forced Kushner to update his info, which outed Junior, who dragged his father into the attempted cover up.

But as I asked last night, the question to me is…how did Kushner know Manafort had turned this info over? And who in the process leaked the story and email to WaPo? And how tied in was Mueller to all of this?

Depending on precisely when 3 months ago refers to, he may not have been appointed yet. But surely Manafort’s information would have been turned over to him very soon after his appointment.


Now the Senate and House Russia Investigating committees want to interview Rhona Graff, Trumpler’s longtime secretary.


According to sources familiar with Trump’s habits, Graff would often receive emails on his behalf and print them out for his review. If Trump felt the need to respond he would write on the print out – typically with a Sharpie pen – and hand it back to Graff so should could scan the message and send it on electronically.

Addendum: I wanted to say that this is how a Park Superintendent prior to the mid 1980s would operate. Without a Sharpie, though, nothing but the best ‘Skilcraft’ leaky ballpoints for them. Trump is a dinosaur.


Whatever the members of the House and Senate investigation committees know, the Trump White House knows.


Speaking of Jared, are he and Ivanka still on the WH payroll? How much are they being paid? Jared doesn’t appear to solving the problem of finding world peace anymore, so what is he doing? How about an article this? And WH salaries in general?


How come Donald didn’t type his own emails, when he is so brilliant (very, very good) at “the cyber”?


Murder? I feel like I’ve been following things fairly closely, but I guess I haven’t heard of this yet. Do you have a specific connection in mind?

In a phrase, which I just made up, Trump is into “Bossism” As a bossist, he exists only to be made to look good by others’ efforts.


[quote=“musgrove, post:4, topic:60397”]
Kushner only updated his docs once he was forced to.
[/quote]What other reason would he have for doing so? Transparency? It’s required by law? Ha! That’s for the little people.


So there is a full electronic record of all of Tramp’s communications. Too bad he’s too stupid to know that, just because he doesn’t “do” email, email breadcrumbs still exist!


Sounds like there’s a lot of ‘locked and loaded’ going around…

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So what have the meeting participants and other people in a position to know said, especially to authorities, about their presence at and actions in the meeting? Three months ago is a long time, easy to make an oopsy since then! :wink:


There may be electronic evidence of ‘intent’, but Trump is the kind of guy who would only make important decisions in private. My bet is that if there’s anything he wants done, the accomplishment of which might pose a risk to him, he gives the order orally, in private.


I still think Manafort recorded that meeting. If any American knows kompromat, he does.

@ralph_vonholst - my gut says that you’re giving him too much credit but that may be the reason behind his “Obama wiretapped Tramp Tower” screed that came out of the blue.


In thinking about the man’s attitude, serious impression Manafort arrogantly thought he could spin the Feds.

The No Knock tells me he didn’t play his game very well.

Now how will little Roger Stone fare in the long run?